Also in the laboratory of the Moscow A.S. Popov Section of Bio-information...

...of the Soviet Scientific and Technical Society of Radio Technology and Electric Engineering, about two thousand such experiments were conducted. The physicist Dr. Lew Wienczunas used photographic film applied in atomic physics to make these photographs. The photographs had dark areas in shapes characteristic of a specific healer. These traces were registered even when the photographic film was screened by aluminum or copper plates. The phenomenon would cease when lead plates were used.

Other studies...

...conducted by Dr. Justa M. Smith, from Rosary Hill College in New York proved that healers are capable of selectively influence properties of enzymes, or particles of organic compounds that steer our physiology.

Each set of enzymes throughout the entire testing period was kept in tightly sealed containers. After action of the healer, who held in his hands one of the containers, concentrating on it for a period as long as he thought proper in order to attain the best positive effect, the container was given to the scientist who checked for changes in activeness of the enzymes. The experiment demonstrated without doubt that the healer always influenced properties of the enzyme particles in a way that was positive to human physiology.

Summarizing the results of her studies Dr. Smith stated that the human thought can steer healing treatment in a fantastically selective way in respect to particular processes occurring in the organism.

Similar results...

...were attained by Professor William G. Braud, Ph.D., from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Paolo Alto in California, who subjected to tests the influence of bioenergotherapy on the process of haemolysis. This phenomenon occurs as a result of swelling of red blood cells and the bursting cell walls cause the release of the haemoglobin.

Bioenergotherapeutic action demonstrated statistically very significant delay in the process of haemolysis.

It was also found... numerous tests with animals (Professor Dr Bernard Grad from McGill University School of Medicine, Montreal, Kanada and Dr. V.I. Karczew from the Research Department of the National Center for Traditional Folk Medicine in Moscow) - here the subjects of the healer's actions were mice, injured in the laboratory or given lethal doses of radiation - that the rodents, on which the well known healers participating in the tests were concentrating, significantly quicker regained health than the control group, and those that were given preventive treatment before the radiation doses were applied had an almost 100% survival rate.

Already on the basis...

...of the results presented here, it may be stated that the patient's faith is not required for effective treatment through bioenergotherapy. There is no way that one might suspect animals of being susceptible to suggestions. Nonetheless, it was observed that positive and accepting attitude of the treated person usually multiplies the effect of the therapy. This means that at the moment of therapy session there occurs a kind of mutual coupling between the organism of the therapist and the patient which makes it easier to synchronize their biological fields, which quickens the positive effect of the treatment.

The attained results...

...also clearly demonstrated that in the process of bioenergotherapy it is possible to direct very precisely the influence of the bio-field, influencing even a single parameter of autonomic activities without influencing others, even though physiological processes in an organism are characterized by a high degree of mutual interdependence.

Today also is known...

...that each heart beat starts with an electric impulse in its muscle. It is then transmitted through the entire bloodstream and reaches each tissue in the body. Since the heart produces electricity, magnetism must also form. It is an unusual fact that the biomagnetic field of the heart extends almost into infinity. These fields may be measured since the 1970-ies, with the use of the SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) - one of the most sensitive instruments for measuring the biomagnetic field of various organs.

One of the most prominent Polish neurophysicists...

...Professor W. Romanowski, wrote over thirty years ago: This biological field, enriched with ever newer processes, models also on the principle of feed-back the biochemical systems and neurophysiological processes of the nerve cell. One may risk the assumption that it is this field that is the biological substrate of psychic life.

Must we continue to argue that in the face of these findings it is possible to exert an influence on a human being at the energy level?

Confirmation also comes from studies...

...currently conducted by scientists who analyze the subtle energies emitted by the human organism. Among them is Dr Fritz Albert Popp from the International Institute of Biophysics in Kaiserslautern. He has gathered at his center a team of physicists, chemists and biologists involved in studies on biophotons, which have demonstrated that live organisms emit photons (light particles). This has confirmed the mitogenetic radiation hypothesis put forth by Gurwicz in 1920-ies.

As it turned out, this very difficult to register radiation manages cell growth, regulates the process of dying and generation of new cells, and also steers other life processes of biological organisms. It is described by the term of ultra-weak.

If cells communicate with each other via quanta of light, disturbance in this communication must have an influence on development of organisms, and also on their death. Professor Fritz A. Popp, in his book titled ,,Biology of light", writes: Normal, live cells emit a uniform stream of photons. This stream changes suddenly when a cell is penetrated by a virus - explosion of radiation - silence - new explosion - slow decline of radiation, in several waves, up to the death of the cell. This is almost like howls of a dying animal.

According to Popp, photons are the basis of life, where life is defined here as the capacity for communication, creation and use of information bases.

Experiments conducted at the International Institute of Biophysics with well known extrasensors, whose energy influence was registered physically, also through EEG spectral analysis, have confirmed their capability of forwarding healing energy. This emission most clearly allows modification of the biological field of another live organism in accordance with the transferred information, and thereby to positively influence the state of its health.


...certainly is not a hoax, miracle, or an effect of evil powers. It uses entirely natural physical phenomena, proper to living organisms. It also comprises irrefutable proof that existence does not determine consciousness, as the conservative version of materialism puts it. It is just the opposite: consciousness determines existence. And if that is so, it can become involved in life processes during healing action because it is consciousness that sets the goal and identifies unmistakably the means of its attainment.

Energy therapies..

...are effective because they transfer information directly to cells. The healing energy emitted by Wieslaw Jaroslawski's hands is characterized by a specific frequency or set of frequencies which stimulate regeneration of one or more tissues - quicken the healing of wounds, regulate the nervous system, reduce pain and make it easier to return to full efficiency in many other ailments.

Due to actions of the biotherapist some sort of specific cell activity comes about and channels are opened through which the natural biological communication goes on. The basis of health always is the unhampered flow of communication through tissues.

The energy waves flowing from the hands of the healer move to each part of the organism. In this way they regulate activeness of the nervous system in the entire body.