Ailments: Trauma after traffic accident - broken jaw, broken collarbone, gravely bruised head and torso, concussionn, cracked hipbone, scontinuous headache, torturous dizziness, ghastly fear, anxiety and constant tearfulness, disturbed blood circulation in legs, swollen face and red scars, paralyzing pain.

...In my case it is one hundred percent improvement. My jaw had been in fact just put together from three loose parts with platinum wires. I continuously was given pain killers, which did not bring any relief. I could not sleep, could not turn from side to side, from the neck down I was totally bruised and aching, couldn't even swallow saliva, barely ate "baby food".

Nights filled with suffering, each tremor of the head evoked ghastly wooziness. This lasted a full month, until the first time I met with Mr. Jaroslawski.

It is difficult to put my emotions into words and somehow put my roaming thoughts in order.

On 18 January, I was traveling to work with my husband, driving his Van. It was a narrow road. A snow plough with a large blade was approaching. It took up some of our lane. I had to move away to the right and then I swiped the roadside full of ice rocks. The heavy Van jumped up and I lost control of it. The car began to slip and turn slowly. We were flung straight at the plough. I remember everything until the moment of impact and hitting my head on the steering wheel. It was a massacre, we bounced off at the front end and after turning about also at the rear end - the car was demolished.

Those that were gathering us thought we were dead. My husband was thrown out the window, or maybe the door that disappeared. I awoke after a while but the safety belt held me. In shock, I freed myself and went to look for my husband. Over a dozen meters away I saw the door and my husband was lying a lot further. He was lying and holding his head, very disfigured and cut, lots of blood all around, he did not respond. Some woman was covering us with blankets, then ambulances came.

In the hospital, it turned out that I had a broken jaw, collarbone, gravely bruised head and torso, many different cuts, including deep ones on the knees. And of course, this was accompanied by a concussion.

My husband had a cracked skull. The crack ran from the left brow through the nose, cheekbones, at an angle along the jaw. This was connected with a concussion. And he also had a cracked hipbone and broken index finger on the left hand. Ah, yes, he also felt a sharp pain in the legs. Probably from bracing himself with his feet just before impact. Blood circulation must have been damaged because his feet were cold and numb.

What was going on in his mind - God only knows. Just before the accident he already was in shock, after it memory of events disappeared.

We were continuously suffering from harsh pain in our heads and wooziness. We were totally broken-up inside. Fear remained, constant anxiety, and in my case there was also involuntary weeping.

This went on for a month, until we met, on 18 February, with Mr. Jaroslawski. I am still trying to figure out how to best describe the feelings and perceptions during this first visit.

First of all, the ghastly fear, anxiety and constant need to cry disappeared entirely. As if at a hand's touch, right in the office, there was no more of all that. The jaw that seemed too tight, stiff and not mine again became a normally functioning part of my body. The terrible pain in the head and aching of the teeth ceased. The wooziness disappeared as well. The large swelling on my face disappeared. I was healthy again! This happened already at the first therapeutic session!!!

My husband has similar recollection. The pain and torturous dizziness receded. After one day the red scars on his face became lighter. From the smothered being with roaming and bleak eyes he became a reborn man with a clear gaze of a healthy person. And, yes, the constant pain in his legs and feet stopped to oppress him. Circulation improved and feet became warm again. The problem with walking disappeared.

As I look at photos of the ruined car I find it hard to believe that we came out of this in one piece. Witnesses of the accident described our survival as a miracle. Even doctors at the hospital agreed on this.

In our view, another miracle was the meeting with Mr. Jaroslawki and what he has done for us. The lightning speed and effectiveness of his therapy - the outstanding effects were immediate - could not be matched by any doctor, physically nor psychologically.

It was also important to us that Mr. Jaroslawski turned out to be a normal person, not an exalted one. It was evident that he wanted to help. He searches for the best way to reach the patient, gain his trust and heal him.

This help gained in such a short time is not only very noticeable but also stable. It is not a momentary improvement for a few minutes. These are permanent results.

There is so much I want to say, as I jump from one element to another I am searching for the best way to communicate what was happening with us during and after the energy therapy at Mr. Wieslaw's office.

I was supposed to undergo rehabilitation because after damaging the collar bone I could not raise my hand and the pain was paralyzing. However, I do not need the rehabilitation exercises because already upon the first visit I could raise my hand!

I am writing this letter fifteen days later, the pain did not return and I can easily manipulate my hand in all planes. My husband and I are both like newly born. We sleep without any problems, which is a substantial blessing after such a long period of suffering.

I learned of this unique healer from an acquaintance whom he had treated for pain (she had some problem with her bones) and after a therapeutic session she stopped taking painkillers.

Just to say that I am satisfied with the energy therapy done by Mr. Wieslaw would be a huge understatement.

I would like to have this letter published so that someone in a difficult health situation could find out about him and have their pain taken away. That is the crux of the matter - mutual assistance in overcoming misfortunes that so often touch us.

Zofia K
Wladyslaw K.