Ailments: Wounds after Caesarian Section which are not healing; large hardened spot on the left side of the abdomen Good morning Mr. Wieslaw!

I am 31 years old, I live in Bytom in Poland and I have three children. Two sons are 12 and 10 years old, and my daughter was born in July of 2006.

I gave birth to my daughter by Caesarian Section. It was on 24 July 2006. After five days I should have left the hospital to go home. Unfortunately I stayed until 18 August 2006. The wound left after the Caesarian Section was not healing properly. Blood and puss kept flowing out of it. Drains were put into my abdomen.

Above the wound left after the Caesarian Section, on the left side of the abdomen, something like an "infiltration" developed. It was hard - like a stone and about 10 cm in size.

In the hospital I was told to keep this "infiltration" warm with a hot water bag, heat ointments and heating lamps. I also took globules that were to dissolve this infiltration from the inside. Unfortunately there were no positive effects. A biopsy was also made for further study of this "infiltration" and as a result another hole was made from which serum fluid started to come out.

I was released from the hospital in a bad state with unhealed wounds. Necrosis developed In the Caesarian Section wound. After slow removal of the dead cells and cleaning the wound with ACTISORB PLUS plasters and POLSEPTOL creams, after three months from giving birth this wound finally began to heal and close up.

At the same time the battle with this new wound on the "infiltration" was continuing. Necrosis also developed there. So much dead tissue was being removed and from such depth that in the end it was possible to put a tangerine into it.

This "hole" was being cleaned with IRUXOL ointment, 10% salt, vitamin C, POLSEPTOL and the wound was slowly getting cleaned, however, this hard "infiltration" still remained under the skin.

A doctor suggested the necessity for doing surgery to cut out this infiltration totally because it still was like a stone and did not get smaller at all. The surgeon informed me that treatment without surgery in my case may last about a year and without guarantee for success.

I thought that I have no other choice and I agreed to this proposal. I first had to make arrangements regarding care of my newborn daughter and the date for this surgery was set after a month; this was at the end of October 2006.

But about in mid October, during a late evening, I felt really strange. I was very dizzy, almost wobbling. I felt and heard noise in my head and at the same time this was like swaying. My head did not hurt. I had slept well and I was rested and wasn't hungry, so even more I did not understand what was happening with me. At the same time of this strange "disorientation" in my head I felt a sharp pain in the "infiltration", which was different than anything before. This place had not been painful; I was only bothered by some discomfort because of the bandages I had to wear.

Now, this sudden pain got me terribly worried and caused me to "bend in half". I felt exactly as if someone had shot me through in this place. My left kidney felt painful. The pain was pulsating and tugging. No relief came from lying down, massage of the back - nothing.

There also came a burning sensation in the "infiltration" and a kind of tugging. After a while the pain ceased as if nothing had happened. I wasn't able to comprehend what had just happened; I didn't even gather my thought before the same thing reoccurred, after a few minutes. It came back several times but the most painful were the first two "attacks". Gradually the pain was becoming less strong and after about two hours of such recurring experiences nothing more happened.

The next day my sister called and said that my mother, who lives in Toronto (Etobicoke), had visited your clinic just before my somewhat shocking sensations. She also said that you had been sending me energy, which was to help me to recover my health. I was even more disoriented because I did not know anything about it and I had no idea what to think of it. I was not able to believe that at such great distance you could send me energy that would heal me?! I also did not know if I could believe any of this?

However, I kept returning to what I had experienced the day before, to the strange pain that appeared so suddenly, to the dizziness and I thought - there must be something in all this.

During several days that followed I experiences frequent headaches and pain in the "infiltration" and each time I felt as of this pain was shooting all the way through me. You had been sending me your energy, which caused the impossible to become possible. This was confirmed by observations made by the surgeon whom I visited systematically. He was the first to say that "Something has sewed itself" - because on this wound besides bandages there was no other treatment.

The doctor observed me with special attention until one day he said: "Dear Madame, I don't know what is going on here but we have nothing to treat anymore. The problem is almost over."

This whole unfortunate "infiltration" that was for months invariably hard as a stone and didn't budge now within about a dozen days just dissolved and the wound healed beautifully. When I saw that no more serum fluid was coming out of it I cried for joy because this meant that a layer of skin appeared and my horror ended.

Whatever I felt then, these were only positive emotions, which I wanted to forward to you because it suddenly became absolutely clear to me that it was you who healed me. Through many long weeks, even months, I kept touching my abdomen and it continued to be so hard and ill. It was breaking me up. The perspective of surgery was the last drop in my cup of tears.

Still, the good fate brought my Mother in touch with you, and then you with me. You helped me not only to heal my body, but also my soul, because I again started to believe in people. Thank you with all my heart for becoming involved and using the gift that you have in order to heal me. Thank you in my own name, that of my family who together with me lived through my drama. Finally we can sleep peacefully.

I express my wish that such people as me could find you and become convinced that even at such a long distance one human being can help another.

I command you to good thoughts and prayers,

Kind regards,
Monika W-T.
Bytom (Poland), 10 December, 2006.