Ailments: Depression. Complete deregulation of the organism - constant headaches, stomach and lower abdomen pains and also aching muscles, irregular heart beat and constant nausea; constant nerve pain shooting through the left buttock.

I would like to begin this letter with sincere thanks directed to Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski and to introduce him a little to people who may end up coming to him with their health problems.

What traits of Mister Wieslaw shod be underlined - he is warm, patient, always will find the right amount of time for the patient - even when I phoned him, often late in the evening, when he would be after a whole day of exhausting work. He also always had something good to say and with just the right amount of humor - so that I lived with hope that it certainly will be better. I also would get from him advice on my diet and he also would check if the vitamins and drugs I am taking are right for me.

When for the first time, over a year ago, I was preparing to go to Rochester (USA) - a three hour journey from Mississauga - to see him, I wondered if that would not be a waste of time. I was so weak then that I could not dress myself. I was shaking like jelly, my heart was pounding, my stomach and lower abdomen ached, headaches plagued me, muscles ached and I had nausea. I had no appetite, lost 15 kilos and I could not sleep - I was in constant fear and severe bouts of depression would get me. I felt so bad that a thought of death started to plague me even though I am only 61 years old.

I visited several doctors and each of them thought up a different ailment and they all fed me drugs that did not help at all.

A very heavy problem were the nerve pains that would shoot through my buttock - I was recommended a surgery for this ailment and I had it done in October of 2009, which did not in any way decrease my suffering. After this surgery I totally lost all hope for improvement.

And this ,,wreckage" arrived at the office of Mister Jaroslawski. Mr. Wieslaw said right away that I have very marked hyperthyroid and recommended taking baths with salt.

But, what was really shocking to me - already after the first visit (!) I clearly felt improvement. I stopped shaking, the stomach and abdomen pains stopped and I felt calmer and suddenly hope came back that it can be better. Mr. Wieslaw with his innate humor assured me that I will live...all the way till death.

Already with faith in the final success I continued stubbornly to visit through a whole series of them, at first once a week and later every two weeks. Each time it was better. Now, as I am writing this letter I can truly say that my bad symptoms went away and my appetite returned - I gained over 5 kilos. I completely stopped taking sedatives and painkillers. I am calm, well balanced and I look on life totally differently - mostly I am optimistic and have faith in a happy future.

For these values that, besides health, he also returned to me - for finding the joy of life...

I will always be grateful to Mister Wieslaw
Krystyna M.
Rochester, NY, 09.06.2011