Ailments: Chronic constipation of over twenty years.

...I was just about totally exhausted because I was plagued a long time, over twenty years, by persistent constipations.

This nuisance, of the type that one does not speak out loud, had tortured me harshly and without any break. There were never better moments, never was my digestion system normal, not even for a short period. Even if I had bowel movements twice a week that was great, usually it was only once a week or even less. And even this rhythm could not be maintained if it was not for tablets (Alax, Altra) and an herbal mixture called Normosan. I constantly looked for home methods, changed herbal teas and nothing helped.

The doctors only recommended a strict diet without bread, potatoes, rice, so no carbohydrates. Vegetables were allowed, and I ate a lot of them and from my own garden, fresh and without fertilizer, but the desired effect wasn't coming. I applied all recommendations, drank all my brews and with years I lost hope for normal existence. Then, forced a little by my sister-in-law, I started to consider visiting the biotherapist Mr. Jaroslawski.

Previously I read a lot about this man, but somehow I did not connect his therapy with my health problems. Finally I was ready to make the decision and this resolution changed my life. The first visits were at the beginning of December in 2007. A positive change occurred already after the first visit, and a total radical healing already after the second energy therapy. I WAS TOTALLY HEALTHY!!! My digestive and extrusion cycle was normalized to a daily routine.

And this is how it still is, after many months. That entire horror of twenty years is far in the past. Just to make sure I went for three more visits, more from fear of the evil returning than from need. Everything still is fine, regular, and I am finally feeling great.

Thank you, thank you, Mr. Wieslaw, for this invaluable therapeutic help.

Danuta S.
Mississauga, 29.04.2008