Ailments: Chronic and lasting many years pain in the right shoulder and significant limitation of movement - after a contusion of the right shoulder with a strain and tear of muscle insertions while playing tennis

This that I want to describe still appears to me as something improbable, difficult to grasp and believe - but it did happen to me and in fact already in February of 2012 (!) - so, the improvement in health is certainly lasting. I have always led a very active life in which sports played an important role, and among these tennis and its variations in which one must swing the racquet very hard. So, it ended with a very unfortunate contusion of the right shoulder with strain of muscle insertions.

From that ill-fated February, I practically became an invalid. There was a severe attack of pain and significant limitation of movement. I had just passed forty, felt young, and here I could only dream about raising my hand a little higher.

Then, there was an 11-month period of various rehabilitation treatments that included a whole range of classic exercises and massages and many acupuncture needles. Nothing helped.

It was then at the beginning of 2013 that I also had a surgical treatment during which there was an attempt to clean and rejoin my strained and torn muscle insertions to the bone structure. After this operation, the pain became chronic and I did not have even a minute of reprieve. During such torture, I was close to a break-down and then my friend told me of, in his opinion, a fantastically effective biotherapist - Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski. I did not know much about this type of therapy but being close to the edge of hopelessness, I decided to take the risk.

This first and magical, in my view, visit took place in January of 2013. In fact, only one visit was needed because already after it I WAS HEALED. All my pain and movement problems disappeared completely. However, I did visit Mister Wieslaw two more times. It was more to calm myself and acquire certainty that his ghastly pain will not come back... and it did not come back. Today, when I am writing this down, I am scrutinizing the letters appearing on paper with slight disbelief since they confirm the fact of my healing.

I am at a loss for words to describe my gratitude, but Mister Wieslaw understands.
Andrea R.
Toronto, 20.05.2013