Ailments: Stiffness and pain in the neck for many years (after a car accident). Constant loud crackle heard when head was being raised straight up.

At 22 years of age, which was 4 years ago, exactly on April 4th 2009, I had a very serious car accident. The car went to the dump and I went to the hospital. After general check-up I was released to go home. Something, however was missed because after three months suddenly a stiffness appeared in my neck and pain came.

So I returned to the hospital, where after more tests I was recommended for a 12-weeks physiotherapy, which was done twice a week and unfortunately had no effect on me.

I still continued in the grips of pain. It always was the same scheme:

If I sat normally straight up then after about 30 seconds I already felt stiffness in the neck and pain set in. It was a kind of feeling on the border of shock, because then at the least attempt to turn or even budge the neck I was attacked by paralyzing pain. My shoulders stiffened and the head slumped. I had to start straightening up slowly, every half a minute, with painful effort, and then always a loud crackle could be hear - so loud that people nearby were startled. I attempted to stop that - I even tried to sleep on the floor, but no improvement came.

Over a dozen times I ended up at Emergency wards - where every time the same procedure was run, an X-ray was ordered, which never showed anything, and then I would be supplied with a strong pain reliever and sent home. So, I ceased to seek help in this way because it was not effective.

I only continued to visit the family doctor who kept saying that the problem is in muscle tone and in my psyche. He prescribed drugs: "Ativant" (a strong depressant), and for muscle relaxation "Apobenzodiapirini", but none of them helped. Quite opposite, they only increased my aggression. I became almost dangerous to my surroundings.

Four years were passing from the accident without any positive changes in my health - when my Mother, from a friend at work, heard of the famous bioenergy therapist Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski.

And then what seemed impossible happened. I have just finished with him an energy therapy session - I am sitting straight up (!) in the reception room and I am telling the entire history of my ailment to the assistant of Mr. Jaroslawski, who is writing it down in detail.

More minutes are passing and in-total from the beginning of the therapy probably two hours have passed and still no pain. My neck is just like long ago, normal and flexible. I can turn my head around without any additional sensations and making scary crackling noise.

It hasn't been this good from the moment these gruesome ailments came on after the accident. I am stunned and quite shocked - I completed perhaps a twenty-minute session of energy therapy with Mr. Jaroslawski and... I GOT WELL !

I do not have enough knowledge to understand this, but one thing is certain - THIS THERAPY WORKS !

Hugely grateful,
Samy W. (26 years of age)
Mississauga, 21.03.2013