Ailments: Many years of constant paralyzing pain of the entire back + from the neck, through shoulder blades, to lower back (caused by a car accident). .

My drudgery began 16 years ago. The car in I was riding was completely demolished in an accident; by some miracle I came out in one piece but I was severely bruised. At that time I was still young and did not pay much attention to that. I though the painfulness would go away. Unfortunately, the pain just stoop in the shadows and after about a year came back with more power. It attacked my entire shoulder girdle. It was real tearing; at moments I could not even flinch because this caused surging pain attacks.

I went through rehabilitation treatments, took massages, visited the chiropractor, and took pain relievers that brought on stupor. All this helped a little but only for a short time and then returned with renewed strength. None of these treatments was really effective, so I struggled like this for the last fifteen years (!).

Exhausted, I began to search for less conventional methods. A year ago I visited a known healer in Niagara Falls. This lady operates at a distance with the use of crystals, to cleanse the aura. She directed these crystals towards my body. After such a session I felt a bit relaxed, but the treatment did not remove the pain. I stopped after two sessions. The pain attacks came on a kind of sinusoidal track - they paralyzed me for three or four days and then let up a bit although never forgot to return; this ghastly carrousel kept on turning.

I began to penetrate the Internet and about a year ago I came across a very interesting and well documented website of the bioenergy therapist Wieslaw Jaroslawski. In fact, it really was a coincidence because I had tried to reach still another healer in Toronto, so I wrote in the Google search the term "Pranic Healers" and then his website came up on the screen

I was riveted to this site and kept reading the full-length letters from people to whom he had returned health and spirit for life. I had a feeling that meeting him may also be my chance for health. So I made an appointment; however even in my wildest dreams I had not expected such lightening and positive effect - this because already after the first bioenergy session my chronic pains and stiffness with which I was stricken continuously for years from the lower back to shoulder blades, just disappeared. During this session I did not feel any special sensations - but after about an hour I noticed that the stiffness in my neck and the general pain dissipated for good. I was relaxed and could freely turn my head - which had not been possible ever since I could recall!

I am 36 years of age and again the happy days returned, full of dexterity and nimbleness of my body. It was as if I had a brand new back and all the bones, joints and vertebrae were now aligned in the proper positions. I feel relaxed and mentally reborn - full of cheer and faith in a good and healthy future.

This all sound like a MIRACLE, but it is just the effect of bioenergy therapy or the "Pranic healing", with the aid of properly selected energies so masterfully arrayed by Mister Jaroslawski. After this first visit he showed me in a medical album the chakra that I had blocked, which in effect caused this ghastly pain that tortured me for years. He said that he unblocked the energy flow in those places and rebuilt the aura, which must result in quick improvement. And that is exactly what happened!!!

Thank you from the depth of my heart. Sincerely grateful,

Marlene F.
Toronto, March 23, 2015