Ailments: (4,5 months old Aubrey) - born with one kidney that was covered in 30% with cysts, and this was accompanied by profusion of fluid (hydronephrosis).

This is the tale of a happy mother who wants to put on paper the feelings of joy and gratitude swelling in her.

Everything is connected with my daughter Aubrey (4,5 months), who was born with only one kidney and on it there was a cyst that covered 30% of its surface. In fact there were many small cysts gathered on this area of such a small kidney.

Much not needed fluid accumulated in this kidney (hydronerphosis). The fate of my little one looked very gloomy - I didn't even dare think of the worst because she could not live without kidneys. The first ultrasound Aubrey had done when she had just one month. Doctors gave her an antibiotic in liquid form to prevent infection in the area of the kidneys. At the start it was a dose of 0.5 ml and gradually increased to 1.1 ml. Maybe an infection was deterred but the main problem still existed ... until the moment when I ended up together with my daughter at the office of Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski. This was arranged by my aunt who had earlier experienced the healing power of this therapist. And after that events occurred quickly: the first visit was when Aubrey had two months, the next when she had two and a half and the third and last one when she had three months.

And when she had four months she was subjected to ultrasound scan and after it the completely surprised doctor who evaluated the scan said: I do not know what happened. Maybe this was not a cyst? The entire cluster of small cysts that covered my daughter's only kidney had disappeared. The unhealthy fluid also disappeared. Only two trace blemishes were registered and the doctor was figuring out if these could be the traces left after the cysts and fluid. Well my daughter's only kidney returned to full efficiency!!! Another ultrasound scan awaits my little one after a year, or later, and I could not be happier.

Aubrey is healthy and I want everyone to know that she owes this to the miraculous and beneficial effects of Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski's energy because such information may be the rescue for many suffering, searching sometimes for the last resort.

Maybe this is how I will be able to express my immeasurable gratitude.

Angela G. (mother of Aubrey)
Guelph, Ontario, 04.12.2010