Ailments: Ailment: Prostate cancer.

December 2006,..and precisely the 16th of December - is the date that I will remember all my life. It was then that I went to my Family Doctor for the traditional annual check-up on the state of my health. After a month, already in January of 2007, I went to pick up results of the tests and the medical commentary to them. What the doctor told me scared me somewhat - the blood index indicating the state of the prostate (PSA) was higher than normal (which should be below 4); mine was 6.5, and the gland itself was enlarged by about 70%. These results caused a reference to a specialist - a urologist. He in turn ordered a biopsy - the taking of samples of 11 cells - which showed existence of three cancer spots, on the right side of the prostate.

The urologist proposed two options - surgical, involving removal of the prostate, or initiation of isotope radiation...however, I did not make a decision right away and asked for time to think. Accompanied by these first panic reactions that could influence a mistaken resolve, this was the most proper decision.

I decided to try nonconventional treatment first, and in March of 2007 I went to a Naturopath. I presented the history of the illness and he subscribed a whole bunch of vitamins. I had to swallow about 20 pills a day, accompanied by pumpkin seeds. I stayed in this regime for two months and did not note any positive changes.

Filled with doubts, searching for moral support, I talked to a friend who was just then planning with his wife to visit Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski - it was then that for the first time in my life I heard the term bioenergy therapy. That was early in May of 2007, when I came into his office - I was accompanied by my friend's Polish wife who took the role of interpreter (my documentation was full of specialized terminology and I wanted to present all this most precisely).

During my first visit I sat on a chair in Mr. Jaroslawski's office and he examined me by moving his hands around my body at a distance of about 10 - 15 cm. He correctly stated that I have problems with my spine (upper part) and said that I should not lift anything heavy. That was the first surprise because I have already had two surgeries and I had a ban on heavy work. Next, Mr. Jaroslawski moved his hands in the front of my body and said that I have "a serious problem with the prostate". The surprised Joanna confirmed that there was a diagnosis of early state of cancer.

Next, Mr. Jaroslawski touched my right knee, which for the eighth time in a row was painful and swollen and he held his hand in this position for a moment. During this entire therapeutic procedure I felt growing warmth around me. At the moment I was leaving Mr. Jaroslawski's office there was no trace of the pain in the knee !

The day following the visit at Mr. Jaroslawski's, when I sat in my truck, the strangest feeling engulfed me. I felt terrible, as if I caught flue, and my stomach hurt horribly. During the next few days I had painful cramps and had to bear attacks of diarrhea. A conviction was growing in me that I was throwing out of my body all the poison connected with the cancer.

After my next meeting with Mr. Wieslaw, I noticed that my urination returned to normal - which strengthened me in the resolve to undergo this therapy every month. To be truthful, at the beginning I did that even more frequently.

In July 2007, during another visit at the urologist's I was told that my current PSA index jumped to 12. This was alarming and at least strange because ever since I started therapy with Mr. Jaroslawski I felt great. This gave me much to think about but I decided not to undergo surgery that was planned for September and that I will systematically undergo the pranic therapy at Mr. Jaroslawski's hands.

In the meantime, I did another PSA test and this time the result was at 8.6. So, I was on the right path. I also had behind me the support of my Family Doctor, a man with wide horizons and open to benefits flowing from alternative medicine. He even encouraged me to maintain the energy therapy.

I also decided to get a second urological opinion. I visited this other specialist in October of 2007 and again I heard that surgery and radiation are the best solution for me. I did not accept these suggestions and started to pressure the urologist to repeat the biopsy - to have tissue samples from the prostate taken again. At first he did not want to agree to this, but in the end "I won" and on 13th of December I went to have this test. Before the biopsy I had a physical exam and the surprised doctor said that the prostate is not enlarged or swollen - it was soft, like a normal gland. I knew ahead of Mr. Wieslaw that my prostate is okay.

I must be a lucky guy, because I was one of the first persons in London to take advantage of the newly introduced fantastic technique - biopsy machine operating in three dimensions, which is said to be a revelation among modern medical apparatus. While the sampling procedure was going on, I asked the doctor, who was observing the entire action on the monitor, about the appearance of my prostate and he replied that it looks totally normal.

Already in January of 2008, I went to my specialist number-two to get the judgment, which said "all samples are negative and do not show existence of cancer". Despite this, the doctor added with fervor, that "cancer never disappears by itself," that "maybe the machine did not catch the cancerous changes" and that regardless of this "he recommends surgery".

I must say that I was shocked by this statement because I had been given access to the highest-class diagnostic machine and the test results, and the way I felt, all confirmed that the cancer receded. I was certain that I overcame the problem and this would not be possible without the priceless therapy performed by Mr. Jaroslawski.

Time has proven that I was right. Six years have passed from the moment when good fate made it possible for me to contact this fascinating therapist. Successive tests made in the meantime confirm that all my medical parameters are normal and I simply am healthy. But, just in case, once a month I visit the office of Wieslaw Jaroslawski and I continue to be full of energy, humor and optimism.

And for his beneficial activity I am heartily grateful,
John C. (age 63)
London, Ontario, May 12, 2013