Ailments: Serious brain damage after an accident at age 6, lack of full sight and hearing, speech defect, lack of capability to take in solid foods.

On 24 November 2006, together with my son I was in a serious traffic accident. As a result Brandon, who was six years old then, had suffered several brain injuries and fell into a comma. It lasted for several months and when he woke up, which was a joyous moment, it soon turned out that he does not see or hear, he is very weak and is delayed in development and in understanding information from the surroundings.

After further tests, as far as possible, some more details were brought out - he could not see with his right eye, could not hear anything at all with his right ear, is not able to take in solid foods (could not swallow), and his speech is impaired. The sounds Branden was able to make were mumbled and very quiet. It could be said that he whispered single words with great difficulty. He could see a bit and hear a little on the left side.

After the accident he spent a year in the hospital and I was next to his bed every day. I really did not notice any improvements. But after this period he was sent home. It was then that the fight for his recovery really began. Through the next three years it was a tedious rehabilitation struggle for his activation.

There was progress but very slow. My son continued to be almost deaf (he could not hear anything at all with his right ear), his sight was impaired (it was hard to describe what and how he noticed), he still could not swallow and did not speak.

Time went by and prognoses from medical specialists indicated that such a state may continue to the end of his life. They only gave him hearing aids and special eye contacts, which aids were to accompany him forever and which in fact did not really help much.

Still, hope did not leave me; I believed that something good will happen yet. One day I reached the office of a therapist involved in holistic medicine. She was not only nice but above all open to various unconventional treatment methods. I told her exactly about all our bad experiences. And she recommended a person who had healed her seventeen years old daughter after a brain damage caused by a fall from a great height. Full of life and energy Shazia was then in a comma for three weeks; had a trepanation of the skull and long after that there was pain, disorientation, movement and memory limitation, and loss of sensitivity in the entire head.

All these problems disappeared completely only when she came under the care of the biotherapist Wieslw Jaroslawski. This person also fulfilled my hope for healing Branden.

Already from the first glance I was captured by warmth and goodwill, which just radiated from him. With all honesty I presented to him the medical prognoses that were robbing us of hope and he, after an initial check of my son, after which he very precisely described all his injuries, smiled and said that he certainly will help him.

Session of forwarding energy began. After the second session I noticed that my son is beginning to hear better and I took off his hearing aids. What's more, after the next meeting with Mister Wieslaw he started to eat normally, and now he munches and swallows everything that I give him. He also started to speak and is great in that.

After the fifth use of energy Brendan's teacher asked me to come to school and informed me that he suddenly started to speak very loudly and clearly in full sentences to a friend during class. From a mute he transformed into an avid talker. She really should have punished him for talking during class but knowing his problems she allowed him to behave like this and, being surprised herself, passed this information on to me.

It was then that I took my son for hearing tests to a laryngologist recognized as the best in Ontario. I must say that I left his office in shock. I had received the most wonderful and exceptional news. The doctor said that Branden's both ears, and this also means the right ear in which he had no hearing at all, now have the full range of hearing - which meant that he will never need hearing aids!!!

In his eyesight there also is colossal improvement; he already reads letters and texts, which he previously could not recognize and even with my help he did not gather their full sense.

To people who see him he finally appears as a normal and healthy ten-year old boy, but my husband and I know that we owe this only to this wonderful energy therapy, which he received from Mister Jaroslawski.

That is why I happily write this statement and add the simple word THANK YOU, because I do not know how to describe the huge gratitude and joy that fill us.

Diane R. (Branden's mother)
Mississauga, 21.10.2010