Ailments: Scoliosis of the spine, strong pain in lower extremities, numbness of legs and hips, persistent stomach pains.

I am a 48-years old woman. My main health problem is an ailing spine, and the problem started 40 years ago - scoliosis.

I already had two operations necessary to stop the galloping process of bending and turning of the spinal column. Despite these supposedly successful surgical procedures, the problem of pain, tiredness and similar attractions remains and for many years I am taking pain killers - and to these "attractions" should be added persistent stomach pains. Each morning I would wake up with such a strong pain in the extremities, accompanied by numbness of the hips and legs that I would ask myself if I could stand on my feet. And when I would get myself out of bed then my daughter who observed my efforts would say: "Mom you walk like an elephant".

My day started about noon because that is how much time it took to put myself together - which does not mean that I slept till noon.

I was stuck in deep depression.

All the positive changes began right after the first visit with Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski. They were as if in a good fairytale in which I had a part. Improvement of my health was swift and very clear.

After the second energy treatment I awoke without pain in the legs! And that is how it is now. Every day I awake in the morning happy and still somewhat surprised that years of pain are gone and I can lightly get up to everyday chores - my day grew longer significantly, in a positive sense of the word. Now I go for long walks and the persons with whom I have regular contacts see a clear positive difference in the way I move.

Oh, and the unfortunate stomach, which had bothered me so much, also settled down. The problem with it was that the constrictor muscle that prevents food from flowing back did not close completely, which was very burdensome and very often I was plagued by stomach pains. Today I can say that I also forgot about these problems.

I was reducing doses of pain killers by half, and if I am touching them, it is more from fear, or slight disbelief that after so many years of using them I may not need them. Deep in my soul I do know that I can do without them.

My last visit with a doctor was so characteristic that I would like to describe it. Well, an assistant met with me, also a doctor, who saw me for the first time and after looking through the entire documentation asked directly - why did you really come?, because there is no indication of anything being wrong - and this speaks for itself.

And here I can only add - thank you sincerely to the one who caused my return to health - Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski.

Barbara L.
London, Ontario, 20.06.2010