Ailments: Chronic sinusitis and infections of the sinuses resulting in necessity to continuously clear throat and spit, chronic infection of the nose tip.

...My plague were chronic sinusitis and infections of the sinuses. Mucus seeped from them continuously, mainly on the left side. This was horribly burdensome because I had to continuously clear my throat and spit. And in addition to that I had chronic infection of the tip of my nose, which often was of deep red color.

The family doctor had no clue what to do. I suspect that she thought I was drinking heavily, even though I totally abstained. These may be rather humorous aspects of my ailments, but in everyday life this was not funny at all.

I sought help from one doctor to another, from hospital to hospital. At the "Mount Sinai" clinic I was X-rayed in detail, and a specialist checked me but found nothing. I even went to an allergist, again had X-rays done and... on the films everything was just fine, but my sinuses kept on dripping like a broken faucet.

Another hospital, "St. Joseph", another specialist who now signed me up for Cat-scan...but afterwards no diagnosis came either, because the films were normal.

In the end a specialist proposed an operation. He did not say what kind, only assured me that I will be healthy again. However, after this action it was even worse. It was only later that I found out what the surgeon had done. Well, in the nose there are such little bumps which help in the winter to heat the inhaled air and in the summer to cool it. The surgeon cut these natural bumps and made the nose channels smooth. In effect nothing improved, and the tip of the nose was getting even more red.

Now, if there was any pollen in the area I inhaled a full stream of it and that really caused suffering. My nose continued to leak and during winter in freezing conditions each breath was like a poke to the brain.

I visited another laryngologist and for a year I was stuffed with different injections with absolutely no positive results. So then another laryngologist...they tested, tested and nothing again. And I continued to experience a concentration of mucus somewhere between the nose and palate, so I coughed, spit out and used up mounds of paper tissues. The most recent solution was to be some kind of new generation spray, which I was supposed to spray into the nose before going to sleep, but it also had zero effect.

Aha - those previous doctors also recommended using castor oil to spread inside the nose. All these mixtures helped for a few moments and very quickly everything was just as before.

One of the theories involved a suspicion of mould on houseplants that was supposed to be attacking my sinuses. I had to throw out all the flowers, but no health improvement followed.

And finally, in this journey of mine TOWARD HEALTH, I ended up in Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski's office. I had twelve sessions of energy therapy after which I felt well, and even perfectly well. At last, at the age of 77 (oh yes, I waited a long time for such help!), all of my sinus and nose ailments disappeared. As my wife says, I am not the same man. There is no trace of sneezes, phlegm, necessity of continuously cleaning my nose, which finally stopped getting red(!!!). I breathe easily, with huge relief, even with pleasure and no irritations occur anymore.

My gratitude is boundless.
Thank you from the depth of my heart

Bronislaw S.
Etobicoke, 20.11.2007.