Ailments: Severe allergy.

(letter written by mother Galina)

I am now 46 years old and my problem appeared about five years ago. During the first two years these allergic reactions would attack in the spring and autumn. Later this turned into cycles starting in late September to the first frost.

In general the problem was seated in the area of the sinuses, nose and eyes. All the time I was plagued with severe tearing of the eyes and I could not clear my permanently blocked nose. Numerous tests showed that I am allergic to plant pollen and dust.

After consultations with an allergist I was given a prescription for some anti-allergy shot - I received it once a week through the period of three years (!). I could describe its effects at the most at 10% and these were just short term improvements.

This is how I suffered five or even six years until starting the good therapy meetings with Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski.

My first visit was at the end of September 2011 and already after this meeting I could finally breathe through my nose (!). This was an awesome relief. I could finally normally function and sleep without snoring, snorting and wheezing.

It used to be with this allergy that it would happen especially in the mornings that I couldn't even drive a car because I could not wipe fast enough the tears that would fill my eyes. My eyelids and the entire area around the eyes were swollen - kind of balloons as if someone hit me.

I am writing this letter still astounded, after the fourth visit, and I can most certainly say that the problem of my allergy disappeared. It still is hard for me to believe this wonderful and quick healing effect - I am listening carefully to my body with fear that something bad could come out again - but Mister Wieslaw with a smile is assuring me that everything is and will be in order. All the energy blocks in my body were removed and the good and strong energy which returned my health is in charge now.

And for this repair of my health, without which nothing brings joy - I sincerely thank you.

Dariusz W.
Brampton, Ontario, 07.10.2011