Ailments: Rheumatism with swelling of joints for over 20 years, liver and kidney damage after painkillers, at least 2-3 day migraine headaches every month.

...Mr. Wieslaw, or dear Mr. Wieslaw. I am gathering my thoughts and words to compactly describe the history of my illness and contain in them my huge gratitude.

I have been suffering from rheumatism for over 20 years. The specialist said that both my hands are invaded. My back also ached terribly. I had received a medicine called Bextra but it was removed because it could lead to a stroke (as a side effect). My hands were swollen, at night I took painkillers, at least 4-6 tablets each night. Every 2-3 hours I awoke in pain. All this medicine damaged my liver.

In October of 2005, I went to see Mr. Wieslaw for the first time. He said there was a strong energy block in the pelvis area, damaged liver and kidneys. Already after the first visit I slept all night (!), and my hands did not hurt as much as usually. After the next visit, I stopped taking the painkillers. Pain from hands and back was gone. Swelling from my knuckles was gone. The liver also returned to normal, which was confirmed by tests.

Another, hugely troublesome problem were my migraine headaches that came regularly every month (and sometimes even more frequently) that lasted two or three days. I could not function normally and going to work was out of the question. This burden went away completely. I still can't believe it. My head does not ache and I can sleep all night. When I had asked my family doctor to help me get rid of the headaches he had said that unfortunately migraines cannot be cured.

I am not able to express well the huge gratitude I have for Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski. Thank you - that is not enough. If he ever finds himself in need he can always count on my assistance.

With deep respect,

Elzbieta R.,
Winsor, 23 Sep. 2006