Ailments: Strong heartbeat irregularities, stroke caused by medications, total loss of equilibrium, nausea, blurred vision, problems with blood pressure, problems with concentration and memory, huge headaches; not able to work, read or drive and growing need for constant care.

Patricia is a calm and emotionally stable person, just like her letter directed to Wieslaw:


November 7, 2007, I had strong irregularities in heart rhythm (Fibrillation of the muscles of heart chambers). I spent 9 days at the Intensive Care Unit at the local hospital, where I could be under constant specialized care. There I received such medications that in reaction to them I had a stroke and then a new cardiologist properly diagnosed my problem and cut me off those medications.

March 8, 2008, a surgery was performed that was to correct the fibrillation of the heart chambers. After all this I was left with the following ailments:

1. Complete loss of equilibrium - I bumped against walls and could not even bend without falling over.
2. I was constantly nauseous and felt as if ,,I had three drinks too many".
3. Most of the time I had to hang down my head because constant dizziness plagued me and I also had blurred vision.
4. I was not fit for work, could not read or drive.
5. The disturbances in heart rhythm (fibrillation of heart chambers) continued, valves were about 50% efficient and I had a small opening between the two chambers.
6. Problems with blood pressure resulted from all this.
7. I suffered unbelievable headaches; I had huge problems with memory and concentration.
8. Most of the time I required constant care.
9. I lived like this for 16 months - in turns staying at home and in the hospital.


My first visit was on March 8th in 2009 and the biotherapist began the energy input concentrating on my head. Regular visits lasted from 23 March every week.

After the third meeting I began to walk straight, without losing upright posture and I did not feel so detached from reality anymore.

During the fourth session Mr. Wieslaw convinced me to touch the floor with my fingers, as I did this I did maintain equilibrium, and after returning home I cleaned the whole house.

After the fifth therapy session I could not only walk straight up, but I also could easily bend down and pick up things from the floor. Mr. Jaroslawski told me then great news - my brain, as regards its energy state, is okay now and he can now deal with the other ailments.

I must add that I am not taking any more pills for regulating blood pressure. I drive and take care of the whole house without any problems, I simply lead a normal life - this still seems like a miracle to me, the more so that I was not given any hope for improvement.

My entire family is so grateful that, after such bad prognoses, you have returned me to efficient movement and good daily existence, to which I had not expected to return.

My sixth visit? - Well, we will see what else you can improve in me?!
Patricia S.
Georgetown, April 20, 2009