Ailments: High blood pressure lasting over 10 years, ignored pain coming from kidneys, reoccurring immobilizing shooting pain due to an earlier back-strain.

...I mainly came to see Mr. Wieslaw due to high blood pressure. I can say that this was a problem of many years, probably at least 12. The pressure was always around 180/95. Initially I would receive from doctors tablets for lowering it, but after taking them I started to feel very ill. I began to have dizziness, I felt as if I was about to fall down. When in such a state I was afraid to get into a car. And so it dragged on.

The problem ended after I picked up by chance the paper "Gazeta" in which I read an article about Mr. Jaroslawski. This was at the beginning of September of 2007. The information contained there was so encouraging that I made an appointment very quickly.

After initial analysis of the state of my health, Mr. Jaroslawski said that the cause of my high blood pressure lies in the kidneys, and the right one is in a much worse shape. I did in fact feel sharp stinging or burning pain in this place. This was a form of interrupted attacks of pain lasting several minutes. I even began to suspect that I have a kidney stone.

After the first therapeutic session, Mr. Jaroslawski recommended that I measure my blood pressure very regularly. A positive result came almost immediately, the blood pressure fell and the next two visits actually solved the problem completely. The blood pressure not only is lower but it stabilized at a textbook level. Now measurements regularly show 135/75, pulse of 70, and I have completely forgotten about the burning pain near the kidney.

And Mr. Jaroslaw also did away with another of my problems, which caught me in the meantime. This was a sharp shooting pain that has been reoccurring due to an ailment from many years ago (over 10 years). I have some kind of damage between the 4 and 5 vertebrae and as a result any strain or chill in that area would cause long-lasting paroxysms of pain. This would paralyze me completely for a week or two, and I even could not drag myself from the bed to the bathroom.

And now, after four visits at Mr. Jaroslawski's office the improvement is huge.

The pain is gone completely and what is also very important, the damned morning stiffness also disappeared, when a sudden movement could cause an immediate explosion of pain and cause exclusion from life for many days. Now I feel like a teenager, even though I have accumulated 48 springs. I am relaxed, all the muscles and vertebrae function together correctly and gone is the fear of a sudden return of pain.

I move gingerly and my blood pressure is like that of a person practicing sports. My concentration also has improved. Before I used to be distracted and many details escaped me in everyday activities. Now, I am calm, I remember everything, and my organism functions like an efficient machine. Thank you hundreds of times.
Jozef S.
Mississauga, 02.11.2007.