Ailments: Problem with becoming pregnant.

Alexandra Sell & Paul Piotrowski
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To All Whom This May Concern,

My husband and I wanted very much to have a child, but months of our marriage went by and I still could not become pregnant. I thought that good luck had left us. Both my husband and I have decisive characters; we always go toward the goal and expect specific, quick results.

However, in this case time went by, another nine months passed and our dream was not being accomplished. Every month I lived through another disappointment and was becoming ever more frustrated. Official medicine, not finding any causes of such a state, could not in fact help us. We started to search for assistance in unconventional therapies, such as acupuncture and naturopathy - but still there were no results.

Our fate was finally changed by a visit with Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski in Calgary. During this short stay he saw a small group of patients and among these lucky ones also me and my husband. It was only one energy therapy session with the transfer of his healing energy, perhaps through about twenty minutes for me and then for my husband. I will describe it as an unusually interesting and sensually surprising occurrence. I clearly felt the flow of his mighty energy and slightly shocked became aware that after the session ended I was as if reborn.

And that's how it was, because in the next month the pregnancy test showed what nine months later was achieved with the birth of a beautiful and very healthy boy, whom we named Jakub. I do not have the slightest doubts that only the beneficial energy regulated and put our organisms in order - giving us the 100% chance to fulfill our greatest dream.

And what's very interesting, after the period of the next two years when we wanted to give Jakub a brother or sister - the situation repeated itself. Many more trials followed and, month after month, more disappointment. Only one way remained - a telephone call to Mr. Jaroslawski. I was in Calgary and he was in Toronto, but such a large distance did not pose a barrier for his intense energy. We had about six telephone conversations during which Mr. Wieslaw concentrated on transmission of the therapeutic energy, and I reported what is happening with me - and these were clear tingling sensation, warmth in the stomach area and slight dizziness.

And further everything went as in a good fairy tale - we had finished the energy sessions at the beginning of December and already at Christmas I could inform my family that I am pregnant (at the moment when I am writing this letter it is already the second month and everything so far is going correctly).

In closing I wish to declare that I will gladly undertake discussion with all interested in such wondrous assistance and will share details and feelings that I experienced during the energy-therapy sessions conducted by Mr. Jaroslawski. I am giving to all interested, in the heading and below, my telephone number.

Thank you for everything.
Alexandra Sell,
phone: (403) 452-4244
Calgary, February 10, 2012