Ailments: Lowering head caused dizziness; change in body movement caused a whirling sensation, and if sudden it caused loss of balance and falling down.
(Son) Limited movement of knee joint, very painful, due to injury while playing soccer.

THIS CAROUSEL... in my head started over six years ago. Whenever I tried to bend down or pick up something heavier this whirling sensation would overcome me. Even worse - this effect also occurred when I was driving...for example: I might stop at a red light and the world would whirl around me.

This was a very strong sensation, even overwhelming, I often fell down when I was trying to get into bed - instead into the bed sheets I would fall on the floor. I went through various tests and stayed at two hospitals, also at the specialized ward at "St. Michael's Hospital", where I had an MRI of my head done. All results were negative - nothing was wrong with me, but I still kept falling down.

Ghastly dizziness kept growing and I was always frightened because it could overwhelm me at any time. And then I received from a Polish acquaintance the contact to Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski. That was over two years ago. I had five visits and everything that you told me already at the first meeting came true to the last bit. I then received assurance that the problem will go away, although it will take a while, but already after the third visit I felt significant improvement.

What else can I add? The prognosis came true exactly and its effect is permanent. The dizziness is completely gone and in the last two years I cherish full health. I have huge internal feeling of wellbeing, good humour and optimism. I certainly can say now that I owe this to the actions of Mr Wieslaw Jaroslawski and his positive energy.

I would also like to add that at the same time when I did my 25 years old son also began to visit you. He had suffered some injuries after playing soccer: twisted his right leg and injured his right knee. This resulted in strong pain and significant limiting of movement of the knee. Doctors hesitated and searched for causes in muscles, knee cap, and tendons. They recommended rehabilitation and if this would not help - surgery.

So I took my boy with me and after three visits you had said that you do not have to see him anymore because the energy side of his organism and thereby the physical returned to equilibrium. And this was quite true - my son's knee was returning to normal swiftly, the pain went away, and complete unlimited movement of the knee joint returned. My boy is now totally fit physically, continues to play ball, exercises at the gym and is a picture of good health.

For all the beneficial achievements
I hugely thank you;
Vesco K.
Brampton, Ont., 2009.03.27