Ailments: Painful cyst under the left knee.

(Letter written by Radek's mother Malgorzata)

At the beginning of 2011, my fourteen year old son started to complain that he cannot do sports because under the knee of his left leg he has some sort of a lump.

Radek had a serious problem with bending his knee; he described it as some sort of abrasion. At this time at school they had running-course exercises and with the use of different obstacles and he had problems with participating. After an attempt to run the course my son was exhausted and complained about strong pain, under his lefty knee.

I took my son to the family doctor. After the check-up the doctor said that this lump will dissolve by itself if he will continue to be active in sports. But the positive changes - despite the fact that Radek added swimming and skiing to his sports activities - did not come and the pain just grew stronger. A recommended X-ray documented the existence of the cyst and we ended up visiting an orthopaedist.

The doctor confirmed that one option is to wait until one day this painful cyst disappears, which was not acceptable to Radek who wanted to be active in sports. The other option was invasive procedure, which is to drain the fluid from the cyst and later remove it by surgery. Then I decidedly refused to work with academic medicine.

Right after this I took Radek to the biotherapist, Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski, whom my parents had visited and so did my husband.

My Mother also had cysts and my husband had broken discs that pressured a nerve, which caused a disabling pain - from the back through the hip and down to the right leg - which made it impossible for him to move. He was in such a bad condition that he could not rise up from the bed but had to move down to his knees and then on all fours move to the bathroom. Bending was also impossible for him, not to mention any work.

These pain problems that were ruining his life went away after four visits with Mr. Jaroslawski and after six months since he completed the biotherapy my husband's health continues to be okay.

The next patient from my family now was Radek with his painful cyst under his knee. Already after the first session the lump softened and after the next one it started to get smaller and then it finally disappeared along with the plaguing pain.

This week, on Wednesday, I went with him to a specialist at the Mac Masters Hospital in Hamilton. He looked closely at my son's leg in search of the cyst but there was no trace of it and in a later comment he repeated that in his view my son's activeness in sports was the healing factor.

But my son knows well what the truth is because he observed the procedure and felt the positive changes taking place in his painful leg after each biotherapy session with Mr. Jaroslawski.

And it is for me to send the joyful - THANK YOU MISTER JAROSLAWSKI -
Malgorzata G. (Radek's mother)
Brandford, Ontario, 26.05.2012