Ailments: Severe illness of the kidneys - Focal Segmental Glamerosis Syndrome (FSGS)- at the age of 18 months. The child was qualified for a kidney transplant.

It is a huge pleasure for me that now I may, calmly and from the time perspective, describe the events connected with the illness of my little daughter Rachel - who for the first time saw Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski when she was two-years-old.

Her problem started in 2007, when Rachel had 18 months and was diagnosed with a rare illness of the kidneys called Focal Segmental Glumerosis Syndrome (FSGS). We were then informed by specialists caring for ill children that she will need a kidney transplant by the time she is three. These organs were in a terrible state - almost entirely with "holes", which causes this FSGS. The conducted biopsy showed that 80% of their substance was worthless. Additionally, my daughter was totally covered with spots and eczema, arising as a side effect of drugs with which she was stuffed. Her entire immunological system was disturbed. The year round, she was constantly ill - flu, colds, all just dragged on.

However, rather not long after receiving this fatal diagnosis, my mother-in-law had gone with her health problems to see Mr. Jaroslawski. She had heard previously about his capabilities in analyzing health of persons located even at long distances from him, so she asked - if he could say something about my daughter. The biotherapist concentrated for a while and said that the little girl has a very serious problem with kidneys. He had not asked for her name, did not need her photo - just an anonymous question was sufficient and after a while her problem was described correctly.

I was surprised at what I heard from my mother-in-law. However, curiosity mixed with hope dominated. Subconsciously, I felt that a chance came up for help without surgery for my little one. I quickly made an appointment for us and I must admit that my hopes were not disappointed.

During the first meeting, the bioenergy therapist, to who I also did not say anything about the previously obtained medical information, right away confirmed that Rachel has strongly blocked kidneys (the left was in worse shape) and he must first remove those energy blockades. This will enable return of functionality of these organs and unplugging of their "valves", which are blocked by toxins that reached them freely because these were not stopped by the distressed immunological system.

I came with my daughter to see Mr. Wieslaw once a month, through a period of one year - still with slight disbelief observing positive changes that occurred in her. Each time I saw him smiling, at each session he checked Rachel and then assured me that the kidneys are getting better and now he must concentrate on the energetic cleaning of her liver

The functionality of these so very important organs was ever more efficient. I did not have any more doubts. My child was getting better from week to week. All the eczemas previously covering her body had disappeared. Her immunological system must have returned to full efficiency because through the whole year when she was in contact with the energy therapist not once did she get the flu, not even a slight cold. This was well on the verge of a miracle.

But my surprise was nothing compared to the shock wave caused by her progress among the disoriented doctors. They expected numerous returns of the illness and worsening of her condition but nothing like that happened. Instead of another biopsy that was to bring her closer to the planned transplant, her doctor-in-charge decided, after analyzing the results of her tests, that the next possible biopsy should be conducted after my daughter is at least seven years old.

And the passing time confirms the effectiveness of energy therapy. Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski is a wonderful, hugely patient, empathic and greatly effective healer.

To sum up:

I tried to take advantage of Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Chiropractors and Pediatricians -but undoubtedly the best choice that I made was to bring Rachel to this bioenergy therapist uniquely gifted with healing talents. He has freed Rachel from the numerous pharmaceuticals that brought on side effects that were ever more distinct, from the horrible steroid creams and from the nightmare of the serious surgery. My little daughter is now a healthy, cheerful, and even joyous child.

And I am searching for phrases with which I would like to express my gratitude and that of our entire family...

I will though say it simply: THANK YOU! And the expression of my motherly gratitude is in this letter and its contents, which may be useful to other mothers searching for help for their ill children - they should know that such a chance exists!

Janet S.
Newmarket, Ontario