Ailments: Serious infection of urinary tract in the case of three-year old Ola - started in 1996. (letter written at that time by her mother Marzena C.)

Ola became ill in 1996, when she was 3 years old. More precisely, the start was in May of that year. She was treated in Kielce - at first in the out-patient clinic at Daleka street. There she was given antibiotic and other drugs that were to bring relief to my little daughter in high fever and strong pain while urinating. The treatment was similar to one for a cold. The drugs did not bring improvement and then she was sent to the Nephrology Clinic in Kielce. There, the treatment was according to a scheme: testing urine - bacterial cultures, urography, USG of the kidneys, and then prescription of Furagin. These procedures dragged into infinity and the illness kept renewing itself instead of disappearing. At such moments, antibiotics were added. These had short-term impact and remissions followed.

And then we decided to try pranic healing by Mister Wies?aw Jaros?awski. I visited him with my daughter about the middle of November in 1999. Already after several sessions, Ola, then six years old, started to return to good health. She stopped taking Furagin and still the test results were getting better and soon were quite good.

She began to go to school regularly and the attacks that had been very painful, and almost daily in the three years, had disappeared. My reactions, at first full of doubt and mixed, gave way to confidence that this therapist healed my daughter - who other than a mother, suffering together with her ill child, may evaluate better. Now, I can say with full conviction that such therapy is a very effective source of help in the fight with such a fixed, stubborn ailment as my daughter had.

Constant pain, sleepless nights, and fear of injections began to disappear. The present perfect state of health and Ola's activeness confirm effects of the therapeutic work of Mister Wieslaw. No such words exist that could encompass my total gratitude nor in which I could find some form of compensation. I had always wondered when we marched to visit him. However, Ola's smile and my 'thank you' seemed sufficient. On the other hand, now with complete earnestness, I will be able to recommend this type of therapy to all those in need and suffering,.

Marzena C. (in the name of 6-year old daughter Ola)
Domaszowice 198
Kielce, May 2000 r.

Continuance came about in April of 2015. It was then that Wieslaw, during a trip to Poland, had sessions with a group of clients in G?ogow near Rzeszow. Ola's mother came there with her eight year old son Michal. Ola is now 21 years old.

The meeting started with recollections pertaining to Ola. It was confirmed that after completion of the biotherapy, which years ago was conducted by Wieslaw with the then six year old child - all her ailments ceased permanently.

Today, Ola is healthy, involved in Culture Studies, and dreams of acting. From Wieslaw's recollections going back to those past sessions with the girl, some additional information was revealed. He recalled that all of Ola's baby teeth were damaged. Doctors feared removal of the bad "milk teeth" because there was a risk of spreading an infection quickly throughout the body. The child's tongue and roof of her mouth were already then grayish blue. Her mother Marzena consulted Ola's problems with two doctors. Their opinions were gloomy. They did not give much chance for improved health at the time, saying that maybe in teenage years it might be possible.

There also was an interesting detail that their mother Marzena recalled. At the time when she was going with her daughter for the first visit with Wieslaw, the child had a strong attack of pain - the alternative was to go back to the hospital and apply pain killers. It was then that the child insisted on going to this Mister Wieslaw - which in the end turned out to be the saving force for her health.

Currently, it was Michal, Ola's eight year old brother, who became ill. The diagnosis for him was severe inflammation of joints and serious problems with digestion along with constantly recurring sinus infections. The boy's doctor said that in his case she would recommend finding this therapist who had so effectively helped Ola. This encouraged his sister to do some searching in the Internet where she found Wieslaw Jaroslawski's website: www. Fate was on her side because although Jaros?awski lives and treats in Canada for over ten years now, he was just coming to Poland for several weeks. In this way their mother Marzena arrived in Glogow with her son Michal and after fifteen years met again with the healer. Wies?aw determined that Michal's energy blocks include kidneys, colon, and joints. Already after the first session, the boy felt better, was at ease and relaxed. Further information sent by Marzena towards the end of May: After Michal's visit with Mister Wieslaw, there was significant improvement in the boy's digestive system. After the recommendation to cleanse the boy's body and putting away sweets, Michal's digestion clearly improved. Now, he reaches for food that he did not even want to look at before. Now, he eats a lot more.

Thank you most sincerely to Mister Wies?aw for everything!
Marzena, Ola, Michal.
Kielce, May 2015 r.