Ailments: massive sciatic nerve pain from 5 herniated/bulging discs in lower back.

I've been looking very forward to writing this testimonial. I recall clearly, the day I was led to Wieslaw's website and I spent the day reading over the amazing testimonials from people he healed. I was very excited to learn that he had a history of healing very serious and chronic issues for many people. My case was serious, and it would take a significant ''miracle'' for my recovery to occur. I came to Wieslaw in early October 2012. I was barely able to walk, sit or even stand. I was suffering from massive sciatic nerve pain from 5 herniated/bulging discs in my lower back. My injury happened back in 2008, and I had spent the last 4 years trying many alternative healing modalities - with only measured success. My family physician urged me to go for surgery, which I was not open to without trying other available methods first. Surgery was a scary idea to me. I have had several conversations with people who had gone the surgery route and had experienced very little progress from it - or even had come out worse. I had tried chiropractic and osteopathic care with minimal results.

My case was simply too ''complicated'' or ''evere''for the practitioners to resolve. Ultimately, they too concluded surgery was the best route. I tried spinal decompression unsuccessfully, even regressing from it. Acupuncture through Traditional Chinese Medicine brought some relief but we constantly hit a plateau in the healing process and I continued to live with pain and significant physical restrictions. Seemingly, I could not get over this plateau - no matter what method of healing I tried. To most of the practitioners I had worked with, this was a mystery. In the summer of 2012 I took a giant step backward when I was reinjured while under the care of an osteopath. It seemed that the past 3 years of progress was lost and I was back to where I started in 2008. I was fed up, I was broke, unable to work and feeling lost. It's difficult to describe the enormity of my hopelessness. I felt I had tried everything and was led back to my family physician to revisit the surgery option. I was scared, to say the least.

That was when I was led to Wieslaw. When I saw him for my first appointment, I had no idea what to expect. I was in a world of pain and fear. Despite reading all the testimonials I had my doubts he could help me. I clearly recall my struggle to make it to his office for my appointment. I could barely sit on the stool he asked me to sit on. I was engulfed with pain. I was hunched over as he worked his crystals and hands around my body and without my telling him what my issue was, he could detect immediately that my pain was coming from my back. How he knew this was remarkable. I had not told him a thing about myself or my condition. Sure, he could tell I was in pain, but he had no way of knowing where that pain was coming from. He asked me how long I had had this pain and when I told him 4 years he was shocked and asked why I hadn't come to him earlier. I told him I had no idea about him and his methods of healing. I explained to him that I hadn't worked in 4 years and that I was reconsidering surgery. He had me stand up and try to bend over to touch my toes - which was even impossible to THINK of, let alone do at the time. But, while he stood a few feet away and moved his hands back and forth in a unique way, he told me to try. To my amazement I was actually able to bend down. He explained that we all have two bodies. A physical body, and an energy body. My problem was not physical, but it was an issue primarily with my energy body. I didn't understand it much, but it was a new perspective I hadn't yet heard before. He further explained that alongside the energy in my body being ''blocked'', the muscles around my spine were too ''short'' and there would be no way the discs could go back into place without these muscles being lengthened. He made it clear that day that surgery would absolutely not be the answer and that he was certain he could help me. By all means, it would not happen over night, but his confidence was my relief - just knowing he could help me. It was then that my remarkable healing journey with Wieslaw began

It wasn't easy, there was a lot of work to do. I began to see him twice a week for his energy treatments and was given exercises to do at home to help lengthen the muscles and take pressure off the discs. As the energy blocks in my body were removed, the results followed. I was very slowly able to move around with less pain, stop my pain killers and build on the momentum I felt throughout my body. Although I had a long way to go, it was exciting. Wieslaw also advised me to lower the acid in my diet. At this point, I was a believer in Wieslaw and his methods and confidence, so following some diet changes that he explained were contributing to the tightness in my muscles - was easy. I noticed right away that I felt lighter and more energetic with the diet changes. That coupled with his treatments and my strict at home exercise routine had me feel the momentum I was looking for. I knew I was in good hands with Wieslaw. I knew this would be my eventual point of resolve. Wieslaw was very caring, reassuring and motivating throughout the many weeks of persistent work. It takes a lot of discipline and mental strength to endure the healing and rebuilding process that I needed. I admittedly still lived with a subconscious fear that we would hit the same healing plateau that I had experienced before with other modalities. On several occasions he assured me that we would reach gains in the process by certain times on the calendar. Each time he has been precisely accurate and we even surpassed some of these goals when the projected date came. Part of what made the process exciting for me was the fact that I too played a big role in my getting better. The at-home exercises were not easy, even quite painful. But, being able to play a role in own progress was not something I had experienced at this level over the past 4 years. Although it was hard work, I found it to be much easier than sitting around waiting to get better. One of the weekly tests Wieslaw performed on me was the raising of my legs to see how much my muscles had lengthened and the discs had healed. When we first started out, Wieslaw could barely lift my legs 20 degrees off the floor (with me lying down flat). By early February 2013 he was able to raise my legs past 90 degrees! That, in it self was a remarkable achievement and, the greatest mark of progress. Since March 2013, I've been able to incorporate regular swimming into my recovery process and that has progressed very quickly. I began swimming in the slow lane, completing 2 lengths of the pool before resting. Within 2.5 months I was in the fast lane, completing 6 lengths before resting ...

By May 2013, we were able to reduce my sessions with Wieslaw to once a week. The results speak for themselves. I now walk free of pain, can sit and stand for much longer periods of time and abilities I have not had in years are returning! The pain and fear that has ruled my body for over 4 years is leaving me, and for the first time in 4 years I have been cleared to return to work! To say that my recovery has been and continues to be amazing is an understatement. I am doing things I honestly thought (feared) I might never do again. Wieslaw's energy healing is nothing short of astounding. My spine has literally been rebuilt with his amazing healing hands and guidance. Throughout my visits to see Wieslaw I saw many gravely ill people experience great healing from Wieslaw's work. I often looked forward to chatting with others in the waiting room to share stories of amazing healing with other patients. To discover that this kind of healing is available to us is exciting. To experience it first-hand and to be able to write this testimonial is nothing short of what many of us would call ''a dream come true.'' Wieslaw has rescued me from an unending nightmare. I cannot over-state my urging for people to consider seeking out his treatment for any ailment - no matter how severe. There is very little doubt in my mind that Wieslaw is one of the finest healers in the world, because a more remarkable recovery I could not ever imagine. Wieslaw is a compassionate healer, he works many tireless hours, often without any breaks. He truly embraces service to others like nobody else I have encountered before. He utilizes his amazing gift to his maximum ability. To say that I am grateful to him would be an understatement. I won't ever forget how far I have come, and most definitely will never forget how I got here. Wieslaw Jaroslawski is forever etched in my life story, part of a chapter I will share and celebrate forever.

Toronto, June 2013