Ailments: Constant and very severe pain in both feet, for over two years.

It was the beginning of 2009 - my son was 12 years old when one heel started to ache, and after a while both heels were painful. Medical consultations and tests began. A specialist, after an X-ray, said that these are "heel spurs" and prescribed physical therapy. So I took Nestor to all kinds of treatments, electric stimulations and massages, and even acupuncture. This went on regularly for six months and no healing effect was achieved.

According to specialists, my son grew out of this problem, but two years passed and he suffered immeasurably. In order to make movement easier for him he had special inserts in shoes called "caps gel", which was to be a kind of amortization for the heels. These pads brought only momentary relief, for about a week and Nestor would again be at the starting point with pain torture of his feet. He suffered and I with him for almost two years.

In such a state of pain he ended up in the office of Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski.

And finally something wonderful was happening: after the first visit Nestor felt better, but the pain was still clearly felt, after the second visit one heel was healed; I don't even remember which one, the right or left, after the third visit the pain was gone completely and my son's feet were normal again.

Just to be certain and for the sake of "peace of mind" I brought my son for a fourth session of bioenergy therapy ... but everything indicates that Nestor was healed and this is permanent, because a year has passed from the moment when Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski held near him his hands that spread energy and he continued to be a fully healthy boy and full of energy - he fortunately has forgotten completely about the pain that so long and stubbornly tortured him.

In summary - after two years of suffering and participating in all those treatments the doctors prescribed, there were no healing effects, but the three visits, plus the fourth one which was mostly preventive, in the office of Mister Jaroslawski broke my son's suffering and definitely ended the problem.

I waited so long with writing this letter just to make certain that the effect of the biotherapy conducted with such mastery by Mister Wieslaw was permanent and now I can confirm with all certainty that Nestor was healed only because of the influence of his energy.

And I simply say THANK YOU
Anna K. (Nestor's mother)
Mississauga, Ontario, 25.03.2011