Ailments: Cancer of lymphatic vessels.

Letter written by Barbara P. (mother-in-law of Zoi P. from Mississauga) - in Warsaw, 01.03.2008.

This story started just at the beginning of 2007. I had then received a phone call from my daughter who lives in Canada in which she asked me to come immediately because her husband is dying. At that time the word CANCER was used and the fear that people feel just by hearing that word also came upon me. It is well known that this illness gathers ever growing numbers of victims and its causes may be searched in improper nutrition, excessive use of stimulants, environmental pollution and God knows where else.

My son-in-law became ill with blood cancer, and more exactly cancer of lymphatic vessels. This sickness developed for seven years, and the therapy was chemistry in pills, which brought only momentary improvement. With time the cancer cells mutated and started to attack the entire body. Suddenly high fever came and it lasted very long.

This coincided with a trip to The Bahamas where my daughter and her husband were diving. At first the doctors looked for a source of infection in his body that could be connected to this sport. At the last moment they discovered the real cause of such significant rise of body temperature. They did surgery during which they cut out his spleen and a part of the pancreas. The state of my son-in-law was so critical that the doctor decided to give him only a half of the dosage of chemistry which is usually given with this type of treatment. The fight for Zoi's life began.

When I reached Toronto the doctors did not give him any chances and said that he will die within seven months.

In all this hopelessness and despair my daughter remembered Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski who had helped her previously with alleviating a problem that had plagued her for years. She had then serious problems with her spine and a furious paralyzing pain in the left leg, all the way to the foot. She was faced with the prospect of spinal surgery but without any guarantees for success, so she had chosen existence with constant swallowing of the strongest pain killers. Her problem was resolved by Mister Wieslaw during several visits. My son-in-law had at that time a stiffening of toes so on occasion of my daughter's therapy visits he also took advantage of Mister Wieslaw's help and the problem went away.

Now the therapist was to cope with a significantly more serious problem and with hopeless medical prognoses. He did not refuse our plea and began to come to Zoi - regularly twice a week for three months, starting right after my son-in-law was given that new chemical therapy.

I observed everyday how the systematic improvement started and I saw the surprised doctor who in disbelief evaluated such quick regaining of strength by Zoi - even though medically he was not given any prognosis for survival. Finally he said that the patient's organism must be very strong. In the following months Mister Jaroslaw came once a week and Zoi was feeling much better so he kept asking for more visits.

From week to week the patient was getting better, returning to previous weight and the doctors throughout the hospital talked about his case. At the hardest moments Mister Wieslaw would also send energy from a distance. And I constantly and day to day observed the effects of his actions, while constantly taking care of my son-in-law. Now I know and in one hundred percent that if it were not for his wonderful energy support that was forwarded systematically Zoi would not have survived those doses of chemistry that were also destroying the healthy cells. And in this way he survived this heavy process surprisingly peacefully over fifteen months have passed and he is alive!

Test results are good. As I mentioned, after a period of being extremely thin he returned to his normal weight and lives like a completely healthy man.

The doctors still can't believe in this so very positive change. They also do not try to make logical comments on the course of the treatment process, at the beginning of which they had categorically taken hope away from Zoi. The only thing I kept hearing was that my son-in-law has an unusually strong organism.

But I know exactly to whom he owes the return to good health because I nursed him constantly for nine months and observed close up all the positive changes that took place after each visit by Mister Jaroslawski.

Oh, I should mention that I took advantage of the occasion and had energy therapy myself; for years I had chronic pain in my knee. In my case two sessions were sufficient and I entirely forgot that it ever was ill. But this is just a trifle in comparison with the healing progress that my daughter's husband experienced.

For this Mister Wieslaw I have unlimited gratitude and I thank God everyday that we met you on this difficult road. I pray that you could for the longest time keep on helping people who suffer and to use this huge internal power and its healing action that I myself observed.

Thank you most sincerely

Barbara P.
(letter was written, after returning from Canada, in Warsaw, 01.03.2008)