Ailments: High pressure and problems with becoming and staying pregnant.

I am newly married and my friend convinced me to go and see Mr. Wieslaw. She also had problems with getting pregnant and the bioenergy therapy made it possible for her to accomplish her greatest dream – become a Mother.


The situation was a bit more complicated for me because I had high pressure and this had an impact on my problems with pregnancy. About 14 months before, I had received for the first time a positive result in the pregnancy test. My joy lasted just several weeks and then I had
the miscarriage.


I started a medical treatment. My doctor assured me that I need not worry about the coming child. However, months passed and there was no pregnancy.


It was early spring in 2014, when I decided to seek more natural forms of support for my body.
I chose bioenergy therapy with Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski, encouraged by my friend’s example and numerous positive opinions about this therapist that I received from people who had gained significant health improvements because of his healing impact.


Already during the first session Mr Jaroslawski surprised me completely when, after a short energy analysis that he conducted practically without touching me; he described precisely my problem with high blood pressure. According to his evaluation, the interferences and energy blockades occurred in the chakra responsible for the functioning of my kidneys and in the one responsible for fertility. He said that he needs to conduct several energy sessions to clean these points and strengthen them respectively.


 The flow of energy that occurred during the first visit I felt with lightning strength. I even passed out for a moment. Mr Jaroslawski had to interrupt the therapy and wait until I regain my composure. All of it was fantastic; I didn’t quite know what was happening with me but I clearly felt that this is something good and the tears, which flowed profusely right after that, were joyous. That was a strongly emotional experience and I can say that I had then gathered optimism and started to believe in the help that this man offered me.


After a couple sessions Mr Wieslaw assured me that everything in my body is put in order.
The pressure returned to normal; the chakra corresponding to fertility was also properly strengthened. According to him, I was completely healthy and ready to become a Mother.


And it happened just as he predicted. Soon, I was pregnant. This time its course is by-the-book; making me happy and my doctor as well. Now, already several months of proper development of the fetus have passed and I am eagerly waiting for the day of birth.


I am waiting for this moment intensely and do not neglect contacts with Mr Wieslaw. If I am anxious about anything I immediately call him and he assures me and also on these occasions sends me supportive energy at-a-distance – which also is one of his unique capabilities.


My extremely huge gratitude I am able to contain only in the words THANK YOU and again express the conviction that only bioenergy therapy had such positive impact on my body.


    Elizabeth C.

    Toronto - July 07, 2014