Ailments: Limited hearing and buzzing in the right ear, the hearing loss was 80% or more in 20 years; depression and problems with sleep, muscle and spinal pains, headaches; also a bad smoking habit.

...WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SILENCE... were the words of a Canadian doctor after previously conducted tests on my right ear. That was not long ago after I arrived in Canada, where I am already fifteen years.

The problem with limited hearing began already in Poland. At first it was a buzz in the right ear, which was repeatedly clogged and contact with the surroundings was becoming burdensome. Doctors were not able to describe the causes and with this growing ailment I ended up in Canada.

A specialist here, after looking at results of all sorts of tests, also was helpless. In earnest, it was then that I became fully aware of the seriousness of my problem, and even more so due to the fact that the doctor suggested surgery for diagnosing the exact cause and this without any guarantee for regaining hearing. Since I did not have this one certainty I decided not to have this surgery and to learn to live with this ailment.

However, for many reasons, this hearing problem had a depressive effect on me. It made conversations difficult, learning foreign languages was hard, as was listening to music, and many situations were complicated.

It was determined that the loss of hearing is about 80%, even though I was convinced that is was worse, the process was deepening and I practically did not hear. The suggested solution was purchase of a hearing aid apparatus.

In all, the best period of my life was spent coping with this problem. Not until after twenty years of this huge discomfort, of limited hearing and stress associated with it, that a significant positive change came.

This positive change is due to Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski. Already after the first visit I felt as if a huge armor was removed from me. I began to breathe normally, regained lightness of movement and good humor. The fetters into which stress had put me and the growing neurosis began to crack. After each meeting I felt better, and I could also fall asleep easily, did not feel the muscle and spinal pains, or the headaches.

My greatest joy however is that already after the fourth visit I regained 50% of my hearing. For the first time in long years I could talk through the phone using the right ear that had been useless till now. The voice still seemed to come from very far, but it did come through and was understandable.

Now I am convinced that after several more session Mr. Jaroslawski will extend his hand and say: Welcome to the world of the hearing, and well hearing at that.

I still need to mention that because of these therapeutic sessions I also got rid of my smoking habit - of the cigarettes with which I was poisoning my life for thirty years. I had tried to fight this habit, stopped several times, but any slight stress caused me to reach for them again.

It was after the third bioenergy session that something astonishing happened. Upon returning home I smoked one cigarette but it did not taste good at all. In fact I threw it away after smoking a half and I told myself that this is it, no more. I still remember its horrible taste and I also am able to mentally explain to myself the senselessness of smoking. I know that I can cope with that already, every week I felt more and more freed and safe, nothing is drawing me toward the little box with the "sticks" filled with nicotine.

Thank you for everything...
For the returned joy of life
Teresa N.
Windsor, 2009.06.21