Ailments: Cancer of the milk duct in the left breast, uterine fibroids, very intense menstrual bleeding and irregular monthly cycles.

I had started to write this letter on 15 February 2013, just to put in order the effects to-date of energy sessions that were conducted with me by Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski.

The direct cause that had brought me to him was the very intense menstrual bleeding in May of 2012 when I had lost over 65% of my blood and almost died.

Previous years had forecast this event - I had developed several fibroid tumors in my uterus, my periods were bloody, with clotted blood. Besides all this, my left breast had been infected for over 30 years! Then I was just 15 years old, when the milk duct in my left breast became blocked and from that moment it always bothered me. But in November of 2011 it all started to be very threatening - the breast clearly enlarged, and blood with puss began to seep put of the nipple, and a repulsive odor also appeared.

That unlucky May of 2012, I also received the oncology diagnosis that sounded ominous - declaring that at present the changes in my breast were cancerous. In short it was this: milk duct cancer.

I began to search for holistic therapies, which would help me remove toxins from my liver. However, my hemoglobin level was falling rapidly, reaching the 56 mark, whereas the safe range was 120 - 160. In this situation a blood transfusion was necessary. I went through two such treatments, one after the other. As a result of these transfusions two blood clots appeared - in the left shoulder and in the right leg, below the knee. At that time I ended up in the hospital for 10 days. There I was given heparin injections to dilute the blood - which in turn caused increased bleeding during menstruation. It was a vicious circle. Then I told myself - no more hospitals.

I started on the path of natural therapies - I took herbs, drank energized water. My therapist of that time said that the liver was toxic and I took various supplements for this. The menstruations were a bit better, but still it was a painful, bloody and difficult time. Besides this the frequency of menstruations increased to two a month - with this, each time I would lose half a liter of blood.

I was growing weaker, I lost the capacity for deeper breathing, and I would choke after walking even a short distance. I was tired constantly, did not eat, so I lost much weight. In a short time I had lost 15 pounds.

I took advantage of the assistance of an energy healer and this for over one year - but he gave up, in November of 2012, because we did not reach any more progress.

And then, through the intercession of a friend I came to see Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski on January 11, 2013; brought to him in a wheelchair, because I was very weak and very yellow in complexion.

Mister Wieslaw moved his hands around my body with deep concentration and while conducting this, his energy scanning, he indicated without mistakes all my ailments. He said that the key issue that will solve my problems will be the healing of my liver. From that visit everything began to straighten out. Already after the second session my menstruation bleeding decreased, at least by one half, and the time between the successive periods increased to nineteen days.

And one more MIRACLE occurred - spontaneously and miraculously after only the second visit. My cancerous breast, with which I had so many problems for over 30 years (my present age is 47), was completely healed and this was like a snap of the fingers.

It wasn't until later, after talks with the assistant to Mister Wieslaw and after reading on the therapist's website that I understood that it was not a miracle, but an already well researched capability he has to move about in the energy sphere, wherein the matrix is like our primary template. Any changes that occur in it successively impact physical tissue, of which we are constructed. I found out that there already exist energy maps of the human body and Mister Jaroslawski, thanks to his unique gift, has the capacity to influence and regulate this energy sphere and because of this he can reverse the effects of even longtime ailments and bring back health within a short time. My case has proven this fully!

After just the first visit I got up from the wheelchair and walked out of the medical building on my own strength. Still, the struggle to clear my liver and blood continued. Mister Wieslaw said that the liver is very damaged and energetically blocked, which was caused by over a dozen years of taking contraceptives. In this situation he needs more time and some breakdowns may occur. However, the progress was very clear.

Let me describe here the situation during a visit at my family doctor, which occurred about six weeks from when I started the weekly biotherapy meetings. When I walked into the doctor's office, my family doctor jumped up from his chair, came to me, and hugged me saying that he had not expected to see me alive. He just could not believe that I look so well - again my skin was natural color and the energy level was good. He checked my left breast carefully, the one he had been trying to cure for 23 years (almost a half of my life) and he could not cope with the problem. I can well say that he was in real shock when he confirmed its complete healing.

He said - whatever you are doing now, this current type of therapy - just continue it because the health results are fantastic. It was then that I told him for the first time about Mister Wieslaw and the energy therapy. He asked me for contact information to this healer because he wanted to send his patients to him.

The sensing of the state of health by a biotherapist is simply wonderful. After the third or fourth session Mister Wieslaw asked me about my hemoglobin level and recommended that I check it immediately. I did not really feel like doing so but he was firm about it.

So I finally consented. The next day in the morning I received a phone call from a doctor at the Emergency Unit that I was to come to the hospital immediately because the hemoglobin level had dropped dangerously (to the 28 mark) so I must get a transfusion, because this very day I could have a stroke or a heart attack. If it were not that Mister Wieslaw insisted I would have never done that test! Later he explained to me that the process of energetic cleaning of the blood is complicated and requires time - and my state was critical so he did not want to risk my life. During the next meeting he evaluated my circulation as being normal and the condition of my liver as better by at least eighty percent than before the transfusion, because then it was almost atrophied.

And so from week to week things were improving. After over a month from the start of the energy therapy I was already in a rather good condition, physically and psychologically. I was exuding energy and good humor. I started to take long walks - even though not long ago I was being moved in a wheelchair. I returned to the cooking I like so much and to inviting friends - and this was me, the one that could not lift a glass. Everything suddenly took a turn for the better. I went on a few longer train trips by myself. Again, I enjoyed every minute. My appetite is still growing and I am gaining weight - I stopped being so skinny.

Several more months passed and I decided that I should capture in writing the effects that I gained thanks to the energy therapy conducted rather regularly by Mister Jaroslawski (visits were every week or two).

My crazy periods began to stabilize. These were normal ever more often - were mild and not much blood. I did not feel anymore that horrible piercing pain in my back, hips and uterus, which seemed to come from the depth of my bones and was paralyzing. Also the skin on my legs, which used to be dry and had a tendency for breaks and various rashes, was now cleared up and softer.

I find that I can think quite well. I sense that my mind has been cleared of a bad burden - now it is pure joy to think. I take everything lightly and pleasantly.

I returned to active professional life. I teach people how to communicate through educational workshops. I have found that my attention and concentration are perfect, even through a longer period of time. But all that had fallen apart about ten months ago, when I was bleeding, my hemoglobin fell flat, and I had several transfusions. Now it is only a bad past.

During the therapy cycle of many months there were harsher moments - greater bleeding, sporadic pain - those pit falls about which Mister Wieslaw warned me. He always knew that there is a momentary worsening and then he just about forced me to do blood tests. If I found myself far away from him, I just phoned him and he sent me energy at a distance. This also is his unique activity. Thanks to this possible way of assistance everything would settle down - my blood, my hemoglobin, red blood cells, and iron returned to normal levels and all sensations ceased.

I also have a habit of meditating daily and I have noticed that my meditations went into a new state - they are deeper and last longer; this indicates that my mind is more calm and the more sudden and stressing reactions pass it by. I feel happy and comprehend the deeper sense of existence - it seems that everything is stabilizing at a higher, as if more equalized energy level.

Even when some breakdowns would return (less and less frequent in the course of therapy), I would always walk out of Mister Wieslaw's office reborn, without a shade of pain. It is difficult for me to precisely list the moments of short setbacks, but within several months I achieved sensational progress in my health and I find it hard to believe that not so long ago I was kept alive with IV drips, transfusions, and I had used 130 tampons in eight hours, in order to block the bleeding.

I could finally start the gardening work I liked so much and again feel the touch of nature - distinct and clear as never before. I sleep very well and I can finally say that I enjoy life to the fullest - a healthy life.
With respect and huge gratitude,
Stacey (age 47)
Guelph, Ontario, November 11, 2013