Ailments: Constant nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting).

(Letter written by Mateusz's mother Malgorzata)

The problem of my thirteen years old son was hyper activeness and nervousness and also the ailment associated with this which was constant bedwetting. This problem existed all the time but previously it would happen to Mateusz a couple times a month but in recent weeks, before the writing of this letter, regularly every night.

We went to the family doctor who had said that everything is fine with the boy. He prescribed testing the urine but this showed nothing. From the doctor my son received only vitamin C and the problem and its frequency grew. There also was a suggestion that the increased bedwetting may be related to his maturation.

And that was all academic medicine had to offer - time passed, Mateusz ate the vitamin C and there was no improvement in sight.

So we started to search for alternative methods and then I went for the first time with my son to a Polish bioenergy therapist. He was advertised as a world famous healer and regularly visited Canada. I went to him with Mateusz several, if not over a dozen, times during four years, in Poland and in Canada. I had the impression that this therapist did not take my son's problem seriously - he did not describe my son's state of health and I only kept hearing: "this is simple and will certainly go away", but it did not just go away - so I decided that continuing sessions with him does not make sense anymore and then a friend gave me the phone number to Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski, along with a very positive opinion.

I delayed making the appointment for a long time as I was disappointed with the previous therapist but I finally decided to give it a try because I love my boy and I could not block his potential chance to regain health.

At Mister Jaroslawski's office I met with a completely different manner of conducting biotherapy. At the start he spent quite some time on an energy analysis of my son's body - evaluated that Mateusz had very strong energy blocks that reflect strong stress and the strongest blockade is on the urinal tract and the heart. That was interesting because one of the symptoms my son had was blue lips. This would always happen after physical exertion, even a slight one. And those bed wettings were a terrible culmination.

The first session lasted maybe a quarter of an hour - Mister Wieslaw moved his hands around my son and placed them on different parts of his body, according to some code that only he was familiar with and in the end said that all the damaging energy blockades have been removed. He recommended observation of my son, his reactions and behavior.

But there was no need for detailed observation because Mateusz already after the first visit stopped wetting his bed at night. The problem did not recur even once although almost a month has passed!!! According to Mister Jaroslawski the problem has been removed once and for all. I would also like to add that Mateusz became noticeably calmer, more efficient, and more stable and reacts better to physical exertion. For the first time in his life the blue lips syndrome does not occur. He suddenly became a good natured, happy and healthy boy and while I am overjoyed with this sudden healing I can only write: THANK YOU - in huge letters coming from the heart.

Malgorzata S. ( Mateusz's mother)
Mississauga 21.06.2012.