Ailments: Arthritis in lower appendages (knee joints and feet)

The first time that I had reached Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski's clinic was on September 13, 2016, coming by taxi. It is true that just next to his clinic there was a subway stop and from my home to the subway line it also was not far, but there were STAIRS, and many of them. This was a barrier I could not overcome. I did not even want to try because I was certain that my knees and legs could not stand that. May be I could somehow slowly go down to the underground stations, but I certainly could not come out. Such marches were hampered by terrible pain.

It was this constant pain problem that poisoned my everyday life for about seven years. Now, I am 82 years old. The family doctor kept repeating: "arthritis" and kept sending me to a specialist. He then recommended strong pain relievers. I instinctively did not want to take them because I knew that my stomach could not cope with this, and additional side effects from such a strong drug could be even worse.

On top of that, such drugs must be taken to the end, and this would create a catastrophic loop and a situation without a solution. So I used only various ointments, mainly herbal, just to ease my torturous pain at least a little, and I had special bands for my knees. It was then, it was September of this year, that I read an article in the newspaper about an unusual man, who with his abilities could help people with various sufferings. This is Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski, described as a phenomenon in bioenergy therapy and in healing. While under impression of this information, I immediately decided to make an appointment; and I was not disappointed.

As I already mentioned, I took a taxi to this meeting because the stairs on the way would be for me a barrier not to be overcome. Already after the first energy therapy session, something great happened. After the session ended, Mister Jaroslawski said that now I can return home by the subway, despite the horribly numerous and steep stairs that lead to it. So I did that; I took the subway and I still cannot believe that it happened. That is the honest truth. That was not the only time when I did it and without any problems. Now, I regularly use the subway. I can walk down and up the stairs, without hindrance and pain, and also without stopping to rest.

I think a lot about this; still with a note of disbelief. How is this possible? Mister Wieslaw immediately knew what was my main illness and concentrated right away on my painful legs. Such a quick healing effect came about after maybe half an hour of his energy application. And after such an unbelievably short time my health problems of many years stopped to exist. Another of my health problems are my eyes. This also drew Mister Jaroslawski's attention - he underlined that here a problem also exists. In fact, my eyes did often burn and were painful. They also did not tear properly for years. This problem also is just a memory now. I do not need any eye-drops or ointments to soothe these symptoms anymore. Especially my right eye used to be painful and burned terribly. The ophthalmologist said that I had a 'dry eye syndrome' and should continuously wet my eyes with drops. But now, I do not need any drops.

For such quick rehabilitation of my body and also aiding my psyche, I say thank you with all my heart. Gratefully.
Wanda R.
Toronto, 29.10.2016