Ailments: Cyst in the throat, cyst on a kidney, high cholesterol.

I am 70 years old and all this ailing of mine started in 2004 - it was then that in my throat a cyst grew; to be exact on the right side. This place was very painful when touched. Another such very painful spot was located over my stomach. Actually I couldn't even bend - each time I bend over I would have a hard time straightening up and each time I had to wait quite a while until the shot of pain would cease.

Of course I went to the family doctor, who sent me to a specialist for tests. They X-rayed me from head to toe. It turned out that I had another cyst on one kidney. Existence of a large cyst in my throat was also confirmed. The only recommendation was surgery as soon as possible in order to cut out those cysts. I was very afraid of surgery so I said no. I added that the X-rays did not show any changes around my stomach and that was where it was hurting hard as hell.

More tests showed that cholesterol was significantly higher. The index was 335, which means that it was very high - the doctor said that this gives the risk of a stroke. I am not afraid of death but I felt that it looked into my eyes. The doctor only gave me some pills, which lasted only a week. People advised me to drink wine vinegar with honey. I did this and as a result I lost a lot of weight. I also supplemented nutrition with natural additives such as garlic or onion and I survived somehow.

This year, on 18 April to be precise, I read in the paper about Master of Biotherapy Wieslaw Jaroslawski. The text was so convincing that a made an appointment right away.

Very quickly matters turned positive for my health. My throat with that cyst stopped to hurt already after one week; this, after many months of suffering, was a real blessing. My hurting stomach also improved - at the beginning I still felt it, in the negative sense, but I already could bend down easily. I regained good appetite and finally started to sleep peacefully and deeply.

I had five more visits and everything in my body stabilized, all the pain disappeared - finally I feel great.

So I sat down to describe my experiences with this energy therapy with the hope that maybe someday these will be published and by this I will make it easier for some other miserable soul looking for a chance to regain health, to find the way to the office of Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski, the real Master of biotherapy.

And for this quick and effective help I thank you with all my heart

Maria H.
Toronto, 18.05.2011