Ailments: Artur - paralyzing pain in the left shoulder; Wiktoria - constantly chapped and reddish hands with breaking skin.

(Letter written by Malgorzata L., the mother of Artur and Wiktoria)

My son, a very fit medalist in slalom skiing, was suffering from increasing pain in the left shoulder. It was so much more bothersome in that Artur is a violin player, an artist who constantly uses his left arm to hold the instrument. After several days the pain was so strong that he could not get dressed on his own or even hold a mobile phone in his left hand.

We went to the ,,Trillium" hospital in Mississauga, where they declared that he had ,,muscle flu", which is most probably a viral infection of the muscles and he was given Tylenol. My son took this popular painkiller but the pain grew.

The next step was five visits to a physiotherapist. After all these session - within them electricity was used and acupuncture, as well as warming up and massage - the pain continued to grow. The physiotherapist suggested taking from the family doctor a referral for X-rays in order to exclude some possible straining or splitting - I really don't well know what.

After this diagnosis, instead of the X-rays, we flew directly to Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski. The therapist for a moment moved his hands in an outline around Artur's body and said that there is a strong energy blockade in the upper part of his spine and then with a smile he proceeded with his action. The energy he emitted must have been strong because my son was at some moment on the verge of fainting and Mr. Wieslaw had to stop the energy transmission for a moment. Further everything was alright.

Then came the request for Artur to raise his arms. I watched stupefied as he easily, without any trace of effort and with a smile did what was unthinkable just a few minutes ago, and I could not hold back my tears, which flowed down my face.

I can say that the healing effect was almost immediate - PAIN DISAPPEARED ENTIRELY AND PERMANENTLY. Artur said: "That was a miracle", and on the way back he informed about it all his friends, by SMS.

At the University (York Department of Music), where he studies the alt and piano - both his professors had previously forbade him to use the instruments for several weeks just so he would not worsen the state of his painful shoulder. And here, the day after the visit with Mr. Jaroslawski, Artur returned to the University and played in the orchestra, and three days later he played a solo concert. My son had come back one more time to see Mr. Jaroslawski before his solo concert, but all was well.

Let me also mention my daughter Wiktoria (10-years old), who was in the waiting room during her brother's therapy. After the end of the session with Artur, Mr. Wieslaw came for a moment to the waiting room and immediately noticed the child's chapped hands. He only glanced at her and said that the cause is a strong energy block in the liver - an effect remaining after previously taken antibiotics. He concentrated for a moment touching the area of her liver and gave a few simple dietary recommendations. Already after three days there was clear improvement, and after a week my daughter's hands were beautifully soft.

I had earlier tried out various creams and ointments, and also natural preparations such as Propolis and Aloes, and even applied Cortizon but nothing positive resulted. Wiktoria's hands were constantly chapped and red, the skin broken even with blood appearing. These attempts at saving the child's hands lasted several years - and here, just after one visit with Mr. Jaroslawski came healing!

I don't want to keep on multiplying praises - let the facts speak for themselves. My children are healthy and happy, just like their Mother, who with the widest possible smile thanks Mr. Jaroslawski for such effective and quick therapeutic action.

Malgorzata L. (Mother of Artur and Wiktoria)
Toronto, 03.03.2012