Ailments: Cancer of the lymph nodes at 4th degree - Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Huge hope in Bioenergotherapy...

I was 37 when last year just after giving birth to my youngest daughter, at the end of May, one night was to change my whole life forever. One Saturday morning I woke up with a huge thickening on the right side of my neck, from the ear to the shoulder. My husband noticed it immediately. We were both frightened with my state and that same day we went to the hospital in Stoney Creek to the emergency room. This hospital however did not have the right apparatus that could properly diagnose my case.

Therefore, it was suggested that I go to St. Joseph's in Hamilton. We had the weekend and helplessness ahead of us. I tried to tell myself that this may be just a cold because I was having a worsening cough that caused lack of air and I also had difficulty with breathing. Often the cough ended with vomiting. I had no idea how sick I was. I really thought that this was only a somewhat worse cold caused by a virus. On Sunday I again ended up in the hospital emergency room. My health was getting worse although I quietly believed that this is nothing serious and that maybe this is just a return of childhood "mumps", or infection of the lymph nodes. Immediate referral to the hospital in Hamilton seriously disturbed me and my husband.

On Monday, I was at St. Joseph's hospital in Hamilton in the "Urgent Care and Diagnostic Centre". After detailed tests that included blood test and X-rays, I was referred for MRI.

There results were to be known in three days. These were very long three days and my endless internal fear. My husband's concerned look and two little daughters (1 and 3 years of age), at who I looked; this did not let me sleep. Still I never lost hope that everything will be well. The bad news was to come sooner than I thought. On Tuesday we received a phone call that I should come to the hospital immediately. Initial results confirmed fears of some of my family members, who carefully hid them from me, that it was cancer.

The lady doctor who took care of me confirmed the diagnosis. I received a referral for biopsy and specialized test called CAT scan. Results, after these last tests, sounded like a sentence: "You must prepare for my information. It is cancer of the lymph nodes, of the 4th degree - Hodgkin's Lymphoma. You also have water near the heart and in the area of the lungs and two small lumps near the lungs, which significantly raises the risk to life". That same day began my fight with the deadly illness. I found myself in the hematology and oncology ward at the Juravinski Hospital in Hamilton. I laid there 7 days connected to intravenous drips, with the hope of combating this terrible and treacherous illness. In my case the chances for a cure were given by the doctors at 50/50. Still I believed that it can be different.

I was only 37 years old and had a wonderful husband and two beautiful tiny daughters. I was just starting my life! It couldn't end so quickly! I put the crossbar high for myself, very high, at winning in the fight against this terrible illness. Fighting for my life together with me was my family: parents, husband, in-laws and friends. According to the doctor the only aid was to come from chemistry because this type of cancer is inoperable. I was given 12 chemotherapy sessions. After the second chemo it seemed to me at night that I was dying. I had strong pains in my chest, my left hand was numb and I was short of breath. Again I ended up in the hospital. The doctor's opinion was clear - one of the four components used in my chemotherapy blocks the heart and lungs - it is dangerous to life and must be set aside immediately.

My hope for shortening the chemotherapy "fell". Knowing that chemotherapy may bring on negative effects besides healing because it also kills healthy cells, we searched for alternative treatment. It was then that my Dad found information about a man who is able to do miracles with energy. His energy could assist in the fight against cancer by strengthening my immunological system. This man is the Bioenergytherapist Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski.

I would so much like to live, appreciate my youth, marriage and children, so I immediately accepted the conditions posed by Mr. Jaroslawski. Primarily these were regular, weekly visits in his office and the important thing, diet and change of my to-date way of life and faith in overcoming the illness. What a huge surprise to me was the diagnosis he posed, absolutely on target, before my Dad and I even had time to tell anything about my illness. I knew that I found myself in good hands, full of healing and supportive energy. Mr. Jaroslawski said right at the beginning of the treatment that my kidneys and liver are undamaged despite the huge amount of chemistry? This was for me huge joy.

Someone who goes through chemotherapy certainly knows how it damages these two vital organs. Once a week, with great hope, I drove to Mississauga, 80 km one way. After the first biotherapy sessions I started to feel a huge surge of energy and improvement in level of comfort. I started to sleep better and even though I kept losing more hair I still did not lose hope that I will live! And I will conquer this fatal illness and my weakness with the help of Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski - my biotherapist. From week to week I became stronger and my doctor was in awe and at the same time surprised by my improving state of health, which was confirmed by further tests. Results were surprisingly good. Of course I informed my oncologist about my visits with Mr. Jaroslawski. His answer then was that if this supportive therapy helps me with the treatment against cancer I may certainly continue.

After seven months from starting the fight against cancer and six months of bioenergotherapy, with my soul on my shoulder I went for the final detailed blood tests, cat-scan and pet-scan, which were to confirm or exclude the existence of cancer cells in my body.

On 28 December 2011, I received from my doctor, the oncologist, the most joyous news in my entire life (!): You are free from cancer! There is no trace of cancer cells.

And even though my fight with cancer ended positively I still do the control tests every three months and still visit my Bioenergotherapist, who so miraculously fought together with me by aiding my body with the energy that healed me. I can certainly say today about Mr. Jaroslawski two true words: Miracle worker and Phenomenon! And it is for this that I am so very grateful to you Mr. Wieslaw. I am not able to even utter how very much ! I wish for you lots of health and many, many years of life, so that you could help people like me!

Joanna K., Binbrook Ontario
8 March 2012