Ailments: Incapacitating spinal pain
My problem revealed itself 9 years ago when I bent toward the floor and then could not get up on my own. My legs were completely immobile. With the aid of my family, I went to the emergency ward at the local hospital where I had several CT scans, etc.
I received only relaxing tablets because the doctor stated that there may be constricted muscles and a referral to an orthopedist for injections. However, there was no stable positive effect. Such bad moments continued to occur and their frequency increased; when I returned home from work and could not get out of the car.
This situation lasted several years until the moment when an acquaintance from Florida told me of the bioenergy therapist Wies?aw Jaros?awski and his unique healing capabilities.
That is why I decided to visit Mister Wies?aw in New York, where he sometimes stayed. A positive effect occured already after the first visit because upon coming home I could freely and painlessly get out of the car. And most importantly, this was a long-lasting effect.
It was not until last year that the problem reoccurred. I had bent down and this horrible spinal pain hit me. Right away I called Mister Wies?aw in Canada where he was staying.
Mister Jaros?awski immediately started to transmit his unusual energies in my direction. The distance was not a barrier for him. We were connected through the phone and after some twenty minutes of his miraculous energy transmission I was standing again and with no trace of pain - as with the use of the proverbial "magic wand"!!! I am thanking Mister Jaros?awski with my whole heart for all of this. I also want to add that, thanks to this energy support, I did not have to visit a doctor's office for over two years and I know that this is to his credit. This "painful mishap" of last year was handled by him instantly and, as I mentioned, in a way that to me is "magical". Now, I do call Mister Jaros?awski from time to time, just in case, to feel well safeguarded.
May mine and my family's joy be for you Sir a form of gratitude for such amazing healing!

I thank you with all my heart!
Massachusetts, USA
February, 2018