Ailments: Child's long-lasting (over 2 years) bronchitis.

...My problem was my son's long-lasting bronchitis, mainly on the right side. This illness began actually right after little Wiktor was born, when he had just three months. From that moment he was ill frequently and when winter came, I can safely say that he was ill continuously.

The only form of treatment was constant use of the inhalator. I used that pump every four hours or more often, blowing an antibiotic into my son's lungs. Each time there was a fight over it because the child objected fiercely.

The pediatrician described his state as asthmatic, and that's how it was until the moment when Wiktor was about two and a half years old. It was then like a winning lottery ticket that note that fell out of a Polish newspaper with information about energy therapy conducted by Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski. It was written in such an interesting way that I immediately decided to try.

Actually, I started with myself, because I was totally deregulated, the list of ailments was huge and after analysis of my health standing he described me as a ,,walking wreck", and just 35 years old. But that is a separate story, here I would like to return to my son's case.

I remember that during the first visit I asked Mr. Jaroslawski if I could also bring my little asthmatic. He seemed to concentrate a bit, made some motions with his hands and said to bring him in as soon as possible.

So we started the visits (in all we were three times to see Mr. Wieslaw) and from that time, even though eight months have passed (!), my little son is healthy, and never, let me repeat ... NEVER again did I have to use that "puffer", that made Wiktor cry. His immunity grew immensely and he stopped getting ill.

My child is healthy, good humored, even joyous, be breaths deeply, runs and does not get tired, sleeps very well... and as a very happy mother I can only sa ...from my whole heart

Anna S.
(mother of three-years old Wiktorek)
Mississauga, 23.04.2008