Ailments: Massive haemorrhage in the back of the head, on the left side.

(Told by daughter Pat S.) This entire occurrence that I am describing looked horrible. My mother being in a good condition in spite of her 92 years stays alone in her home. Several weeks ago she attempted to go to the bathroom and then she fell on the floor. With remaining strength she had crawled to the room where the phone was and pushed the medical panic button. When we found her, she was lying on the floor and was half-conscious, crying, her speech was not understandable, really like blabbering, could not bear light, and the first aid paramedics had to shade her eyes. She could not steer her body at all, not even to turn around.

The paramedics carried her to the ambulance and with the siren at full blast took her to the "Credit Valley" hospital. There, she had several tests made. The brain scan did not show anything dangerous; a general X-ray was done to exclude any broken bones and none were found. Then an MRI was done and it showed a massive haemorrhage in the back of the head on the left side.

At this moment, my Mother could not move her head at all, because each such change of position caused the feeling that everything around her is flying. She also had special eye protectors put on to diminish the effects of photo-phobia. Actually, she just lay there like a log and made only slight movements with her arms or legs that looked more like twitches. And this just continued; there was no progress. Doctors said that this was a terribly large stroke and that Mom may remain totally paralyzed. After about five days no improvement was noted; I was receiving ever worse prognoses. After this period I contacted Mister Wieslaw Jaros?awski, who had helped me a lot years ago with my serious ailments. At that time, I was not able to do any work, to move well, to read or drive. This had happened because of heart arrhythmia and mixing wrong medications after which I had a stroke. I had then reached Mister Jaros?awki in a very bad state (it had truly been a lucky strike). After five energy sessions he brought me back to good functioning and everyday existence that continues till today. That had been in 2009; I had described that situation, all my suffering, and the effects of the therapy in a letter that was put on the therapist's website:, under number 26.

Now, in turn, Mister Wieslaw immediately took care of my Mother, sending energy to her remotely. Such emissions were repeated through several successive days. Mom of course did not know anything about this but when she could speak she did describe what she had felt then in her post-stroke situation. At first, there was something like a pleasant air flow, as if someone was waving a fan. Later, as she described what she felt it, she was surrounded by a bubble of fresh, crystal clear air. It was pleasant and relaxing; her head was being pierced with something like "electric rays" going from her forehead to the bottom of her face. She tried to move and suddenly she sat up, then she left the bed and went to check out the situation. Then a surprised nurse caught her and transported her back to bed. From that moment progress started and it was more clear each day. Fluid movement of the extremities returned quickly, as did acceptance of light and complete speech.

Mom left the hospital after three weeks. Again she is completely communicative, moves about on her own and without problems in her home. She still is weak and becomes tired rather quickly. She does need more rest now, but she gladly went for the first in-person meeting with Mister Wieslaw, after leaving the hospital. It is a memorable day for all of us: 25 February 2017. She said that she still needed support from his energy for renewal and becoming steady on her feet. After this visit and return home she confirmed, to my great joy, that she feels a lot better. The doctors were very surprised at how quickly she became well. Taking into account the depth and extent of the haemorrhage and also her age, they were not able to give any medical explanation because there were no such cases previously.

And I received, on this sad occasion, confirmation from Mister Wieslaw, that in such a situation his action is most effective right after a stroke and then the chances for getting the patient out of this terrible suffering are huge. This is just what has been confirmed in my Mother's case. Dear Mister Wieslaw, thank you very very much for the wonderful and successful assistance.

Pat S. (in the name of Mother Mildred B.)
Georgetown, Ontario, 28 February, 2017