Ailments: Horrible headaches and backaches, also pain in left knee and stomach.

Dear Mister Wieslaw, or maybe even more - dear people who look for help when often fighting with hopelessness and fatality of medical diagnoses. I hope that the description of my problems, which I will present here, will help many of those in need to quickly arrive at the office of Mister Jaroslawski and in taking advantage of his saving energy therapy. And may this letter also be the expression of my gratitude.

I am 56 years old and for at least the last five years I was plagued with headaches - although the word ache is decidedly too mild. Those were horrific migraines with which it is impossible to exist; where a turn of the head by just a few centimeters is pure torture.

Already on the first day of such a migraine (and there could be several) the pain quickly grew and reached 'Mount Everest'. During the following days (at least) I could only lay still, exhausted and crushed, and pray for it to go away. Different parts of the head were attacked; either a quarter, or a half, and another time the second half, and the pain lottery just continued. Burdened with this horrific pain I would swallow even ten pills of Tylenol (500g) a day. Such huge doses sometimes helped to dim the pain for about three hours and after that it would come back with double strength. Muddled by the drugs I would finally fall asleep but when I awoke there was no relief.

Supplementary to this misfortune were the aches of the back and the left knee - here I can, now jokingly, say that these were with me always. I was also sorely plagued by a constantly aching throat with the pain source on its left side.

Stomach pains came on top of all this. I had all possible tests - ulcers were eliminated from the diagnosis, finally it was said that the cause of all this is stress. Such an attack was like a clamp of choking pain - a paroxysm of such strength that it resulted in vomiting.

It was with such a set of aches that I came to Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski. I started in October of 2010 and had four energy sessions:

- after the first there was some small improvement, but the pains still would return,

- after the second there was very clear improvement,

- after the third bioenergy treatment all the pains disappeared,

- for the fourth meeting with the energy emitted by Mister Wieslaw I went just in case to fix the healing effect.

And finally I am done with it! It is already six months from starting the biotherapy and no more pain! This is like a beautiful dream that turned into reality. A headache would attack me two or three times a week and at least once a month a horrific migraine would supplement this; the throat was constantly searing with pain, the spine and knee added their pain, and I was stressed out, vomiting and cursing my fate.

And now all this is just a painful history. Swallowing drinks and food is finally a pleasure and not torture. I can enjoy a healthy life now.

Perhaps to say thank you is not enough; it does not illustrate my gratitude for 'returning to normality'. Still I do not know another word that could fully illustrate my gratitude - so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Grazyna K.
Baumanville, Ontario, 15.03.2011