Ailments: Wife - arthritis, problem with kidneys, high blood pressure. Husband - chronic sleeplessness, pain in the area of the pancreas.

Eight years ago I was diagnosed with "rheumatoid arthritis". My feet and hands were affected. I could not even raise a glass of water, and making a few steps caused intense pain. Being stuffed with various tablets from "a specialist" did not help. I set aside the pills and started to look for alternative solutions. I start from Chinese herbs and acupuncture. The application of needles was very intense and expensive and lasted a whole year. At first it did help some but it did not lead to healing. The pain in hands and legs that was slightly muted again started to grow and with time became worse.

My shoulders were caught in such intense pain that I could not sleep, put on clothes in the morning or even raise my hands.

And then I read an article in the newspaper about Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski. It was March of 2010 and even though I was tormented by doubts, if he will be able to help me, and I made the appointment - I certainly had nothing to lose.

Towards the end of the first session Mister Wieslaw asked me to move my hand and check if it still hurts. Then the left shoulder blade hurt the most. Full of disbelief I clenched my teeth and obediently swung ... and I was totally surprised. My hand flew up without any hindrance or pain! This was a miracle! The energy analysis of the state of my health conducted by Mister Jaroslawski indicated that I had a problem with my kidneys. I did not know that this is so serious - even though I could suspect something after frequent infections of the bladder. Besides this I was burdened with high blood pressure for which I had taken pills in the last four years. After three bioenergy sessions my blood pressure started to fall radically; so now I take 1/4 of my initial dosage.

My joints in feet and hands do not cause me pain and I even can run.

Let me say a few words about my husband. He is a truck driver and probably in connection with the type of work he had suffered chronic lack of sleep, which appeared as constant tiredness.

In addition, he developed pain in the area of the pancreas. During the checking done by Mister Jaroslawski it became evident that a strong energy block formed there. All of my husband's ailments were resolved by the therapist during only one session;

From that moment my husband slept like a child without any worries; and there is no such thing as painful areas.

The capacity of Mister Jaroslawski is for us a huge gift; the most miraculous that happened in our life.

Wanting to somehow express gratitude I am writing this letter with joy. My fingers, hands and shoulders do not ache - not even a bit! May my description of these facts be my expression of our gratitude for such quick and full return of health.

Zofia and Peter Sz.
London, Ontario - 6 November 2010