Ailments: Deep depression, high blood pressure.

My name is Antoaneta and I have already passed sixty, and life has not been spoiling me. In fact, I had some really hard times and as a result of a pile up of stressful situations, my nervous system could not take it anymore, in 2006 I was diagnosed with serious depression, which was accompanied by raised blood pressure. A good level for me was 165/100 - which illustrated high blood pressure ailment. I could not sleep and often I would cry through the whole day and was completely unfit for work.

The family doctor gave me various types of sedatives, but these gave no effects. I struggled like this and for quite long because since the beginning of 2009. It was then that I met a friend of long ago and cried in front of her, telling her about all my problems, and she said that she knew a therapist who will take care of my problems. It was Wieslaw Jaroslawski.

I made an appointment immediately to see him in February of 2010 and I had a total of four sessions in four weeks. While taking advantage of them and shortly after finishing them I did not feel greater changes ... But about two weeks later there was speedy improvement. I felt healthy and strong, full of yearning for life. I finally began to sleep with a good deep sleep. Tears disappeared from my daily life and the blood pressure dropped significantly. From a depressive person I became a joyous one.

Now, in September 2010, seven months after completing the energy therapy, my blood pressure is staying consistently at the level of 115/70, I continue to sleep well, and the depression is a bad memory.

And I am grateful for all this to Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski, who was able to unblock my organism during four therapeutic sessions, fill it with healthy positively-effective energy and so heal my psyche and change my life for the better.

All the words of gratitude seem to me too bleak - maybe only this statement will be an indication to all other persons, similarly suffering, where to seek help.

Anoaneta L.
Toronto, 28.09.2010