Ailments: Child walked on his toes only; later properly on left foot but used right one as a support; had problems with sitting straight up.

Dear Mr. Wieslaw...

In May of 2000 I gave birth to my long awaited son. I wished just like every mother, that he would be healthy. Bartek grew and developed properly. His first tooth, first word and first steps gave me great joy.

However, with time these steps began to worry me and became the source of problems. Bartek was walking on his toes. At first I did not pay attention to this, trusting that this is a transition period. However, after two years passed I decided to seek medical help for my son. The diagnosis was as follows: childhood cerebral palsy with contracture of lower appendages, and others.

That was when trips to various doctors started; some confirmed this diagnosis and others said that it was idiopathic (acquired) walking on toes.

Proposals of the consulting doctors pertaining to solution of this problem were various. Some thought that surgical extension of the tendon was needed; others said that injections to relax the muscles should be applied, and still others said that rehabilitation would suffice.

I did not consent to surgery for fear that successive operations might follow. I decided that use of a scalpel would be the last resort. I also searched for help from an iridiologist, but homeopathic medicaments also did not bring intended results.

In the meantime Bartek began to place his left foot properly but the right one became a "support". It was then that I found out from acquaintances of your visit in Poland and about your energy healing capabilities. It was August of 2008 and without much more divagations I signed up for a visit.

At the first meeting you said that Bartek has very acidified organism and problem with his kidneys. His spine also was very blocked energetically and my son could not sit properly.

Clearly evident results of the energy treatment came after two visits. Bartek began to sit correctly (had a straight up position of his spine), is able to run with his feet flat, and he often walks using the entire surface of their soles.

Advancement is now very swift, even though my son has a lot to catch up - entire eight years.

I sincerely thank you for restoring my son's physical fitness and good health, and to me great joy from his first properly placed steps.

Beata B.
Krzyz - woj. Lubuskie 2008.08.27