Ailments: childhood epilepsy (Patryk, age 6). cyst on left breast (Jolanta, Patryk's mother).

In April of 2012, I ended up visiting Mr. Jaroslawski by chance, but on the other hand it wasn't by chance. I came out of a Polish store with my head hanging low and suddenly on a shelf full of various ads I noticed a brochure about Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski. My attention was drawn to a photo of a biotherapist bent over a small boy who looked a bit like my son. Already in my car I read the ad taken from the store and on the way home I made the decision to make an appointment.

This visit wasn't for me but for my 6-year old son, who two years earlier started having epilepsy attacks. Two years of visits at doctors' and several specialists, two years of EEG tests, CT-scans and two years of sleepless nights. Attacks began to appear every two months and even though they did not last long they were, for all of us, a huge emotional blow and certainly not in the positive sense.

Our first visit with Mr. Wieslaw began with an April storm, with snow, rain and terrible wind, but when we entered Mr. Wieslaw's office everything went quiet, outside and inside. On the way home in the car our son fell into quiet and peaceful sleep.

From our first visit with the superb bioenergy therapist much has changed. My child had only one attack, falls asleep calmly, does not wake during the night, is more joyous, full of energy and does not know why we visit a specialist (children's neurologist) every six months. I must admit he is right, because the visits at the specialist's became just a formality.

Maybe just one word about the last EEG test in October of 2012 - the test showed only very small traces of epilepsy (peaks in the EEG line); the results are practically normal. What I do know is that I am very grateful Mr. Wieslaw for his help, for the good energy and the stoic faith that all will be well.

Thank you and until the next visit,
Jolanta S.
Oakville, 23.02.2013

(A side effect of the visits with Mr. Wieslaw):
During the therapeutic visits I had a cyst on my left breast (mammogram and ultrasound had confirmed its existence). I did not however trouble Mr. Wieslaw about these, my problems because I had come to him with a child, but he noticed on his own that something is bothering me. He is awesome with the excellent targeting in his energy analyses. In effect, I had four almost thirty-minute energy therapy sessions, after which I felt great, and the last mammogram and ultrasound results did not show even a trace of a cyst.

P.S. 2.:
This "Post Scriptum" is being added on May 5, 2017. Patrick will be 13 next week. He has grown to 176 cm, he is doing well in school, he is a pupil with a big plus, and the most important - he is healthy. This is the case since the energy therapy by Mister Wieslaw was finished.
After those healing sessions he had one more visit with the neurologist. His head was armed with electrodes and the EEG (electroencephalograph) of the brain was done, and...there was nothing bad.
A specialist looked long and hard at the test results on the screen and finally turned around from the computer and said: "It was nice to have met you but this is our last meeting because there is no sign of epilepsy in your son's test. The boy is fully healthy".
He mused again, check the history of Patrick's illness and with disbelief he asked: "Did your son really not take any pills against epilepsy?" I responded: "I would never allow for this; there still are other ways"
This "way", which assured my Patrick his health is Mister Jaroslawski, who in a masterful way manages the healing energies. Once more, from the perspective of time that passed so quickly, I am calling: "THANK YOU SINCERELY FOR MY SON'S HEALTH".

Jolanta S.
Oakville, 05.05.2017