Ailments: Child plagued by asthma, heavy breathing, and constant problems with lungs, repeated cases of "croupous laryngitis" allergic to practically everything. At hospital "Emergency" rooms he was usually given hormones, via inhalation through a mask, and this gave short periods of relief.

...My son Andrzej (age 7) was constantly ill during the last four years. He was plagued by asthma, heavy breathing, and constant problems with lungs. Two to three times a year he had bronchial and lung inflammation. He kept getting "croupous laryngitis". The hospital was his second home, where he was often in bed, with various drips and inhalators attached.

He was allergic to practically everything. Various tests: for dust, cat and dog hairs, pollen, were positive, demonstrating his complete susceptibility to their damaging effects. When any plants were flowering he could not catch his breath, became blue and was choking.

We often ended up at hospital "Emergency" rooms - then he was usually given hormones, which he inhaled through a mask. This gave short periods of relief and then another cycle would come. I wondered with him from doctor to doctor and not once was there a more permanent healing effect. The last period before the visit at Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski's office was horrible. The entire month my son was choking like a fish thrown out of water.

It was at the beginning of October in 2006 when I found out about Mr. Jaroslawski and his unusual healing capabilities. We had just gone through another visit at a specialist's and I was provided with a huge bag of medicines, but I did not believe any more in their effectiveness.

Pranic therapy at Mr. Wieslaw's office loomed before me as the last chance for our Andrzejek to become healthy again. We walked over half an hour to the first visit, even though we live close by to the health center, because my child had great difficulty with breathing while walking.

And then it was like in a good fairy tale, already after the first (!!!) session all those horrible symptoms of his numerous allergies disappeared! All together we had 4 visits and now, I can definitely say, that our son is the healthiest of humans. For five months now he does not touch any pills. He is renewed, overflowing with energy, he runs and jumps, and the time when he could not make a few steps without reaching for an inhalator is gone out of our memory - and I am trying to find the words to use to describe my huge gratitude to Mr. Jaroslawski, and all seem to be too poor.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, with all my heart.

Ruslana O.
Toronto, 29.04.2007