Ailments: Man came with general malady and received recommendation to have left kidney checked - a malignant tumor was found and removed successfully at its very early stage

...I wish to thank you sincerely for probably saving my life. Your recommendation to have my left kidney checked was perfectly correct.

At the first moment after leaving your office I thought, smiling to myself, that this is something completely unreal. Without any sensations, with the exception of a slight pain of a muscle in this same place (that's what i thought then), I wanted to ignore your suspicion.

However, as time passed after that visit, the thought of the need to check the left kidney kept roaming in my head.

Visiting two doctors - the family doctor and urologist - I was asked how it is that I know about my suspected illness? Of course, I told them the truth, and surprisingly I had no problem with getting a referral for X-rays. Here, three technicians concentrated only and exclusively on this kidney. Right afterwards I was sent to have the more precise "Cat scan". Both tests confirmed the same thing: there is a growth there of about 3 cm with suspicion of cancer.

I could choose to: 1 - do nothing, 2 - remove half the kidney, 3 - remove the whole kidney. I quickly made the third choice. After the operation it turned out that this was the correct decision - in the removed kidney there was a malignant cancer, which did not have the time to invade another organ. The urologist could not believe that this was such an early stage diagnosis!

I am on the way to recovery and in seventh heaven, because things could have been much worse. I am worried, however, that in connection with saving me, you will be overloaded with work in Windsor, because news of this success will spread quickly, I myself will be encouraging everybody to visit you. On the other hand, I am glad that because of this you will be able to save many more people, who have not as yet discovered their health problems, of course if they do not ignore your directions...

Once again, thank you very much, best regards and best wishes for huge energy.

Bogdan H.
Windsor, 01.03.2007