Ailments: Torturous painfulness lasting over two years - especially in the left elbow and on the right side of the body from the hip joint down to the foot.

Over two years ago, a strong pain appeared in my body and continued to increase. It started with my left elbow. I am left-handed and I also played tennis, so I suspected the classic "tennis elbow", but time did not confirm this diagnosis and moreover the area of pain began to spread to the entire right side, starting with the right hip and downward.

I was 65 years of age, athletic and full of energy, and suddenly I was becoming ever more broken up; I couldn't even tighten the chest muscles. I was totally flaccid. I parted with the gym room where I had been a frequent guest; I stopped doing stretching exercises that I used to do to begin the day.

I became overly sensitive and suffering, sensitized to external energies. This was one of the reasons for leaving the gym, because there were fluorescent lights and I could not bear that radiation any more.

I tried to go back to the fitness trail but without much luck. All was hampered by the life style imposed on me by duties and stress and constant painfulness. In Canada, I work as an electrician and problems at work also accumulated. The energies that were harmful to me also occurred there - I was more and more sore and an "ice block" kept growing in my chest which felt as if it was frozen.

I started to search for a solution in "Spiritual Healing" - this included elements of philosophy, theology, activeness in sports - unfortunately no improvement occurred. I tried the "Bowen" therapy to rebuild my energy, and also acupuncture, chiropractor's procedures and regular physiotherapy - all ineffective.

It was then, feeling like a total ruin I went to Mexico, to get some sun on my painful muscles, joints and bones. A bit rebuilt, on the plane I sat next to a Polish man. A conversation followed and we touched on my ailments; then he told me that the only help for me lies in contact with the famous Polish healer, Mister WIeslaw Jaroslawski who works in Toronto and Mississauga.

Right after landing and reaching my home, I opened the computer and the next morning I made an appointment. From then on it was like a miracle, although one should not use this word here and Mister Jaroslawski does not care much for it. For him, the transfer of healing energy is a normal phenomenon with effectiveness proven each day of practice. I had two visits and I told my story to Mister WIeslaw's assistant right after that meeting.

I will be glad to have him include my statement in documentation; that all ailments plaguing me regularly for over two years have disappeared. I am again like a huge energetic totality - from the top of my head to my toes. I felt very distinctly the energy flowing from Mister Wieslaw's hands - it was like a wonderful internal massage, after which everything falls into place and returns to normal. All pain disappeared and the energy is expanding in me.

We decided that I will add my impressions after the next, fourth visit, for which I have made an appointment. These were awesome and very distinct impressions. I felt very intensely the flow of energy reaching downward in my body, through the area of my hips and down to the feet. It was accompanied by a kind of turn of the head and a feeling of instability. This was a moment of transition though and really quite pleasant. After a while I started to clearly note an infusion and stabilization of my energy system - from the shoulders to the feet.

Good and renewing energy filled me; I could not hold back a laugh - all psychological and physical blocks disappeared. I feel healthy, youthful, even danceable - well and joyful.

In what words can one contain the thank you for such a sensational therapeutic effect - I am still pondering that.
Peter F.
Toronto, 10.02.2014