Ailments: wife with very serious damage of the liver

I am writing this letter in the name of my wife, who at the beginning of 2014 started to feel ill. She was continuously tired; there was constant pain somewhere in her body and her frame of mind was getting worse. Starting with October, very clear regression could be seen. One month later her abdomen started to swell a lot and she started to yellow, felt badly but continued to protest against going to see a doctor. Finally, her state became so bad that she was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

There, she was unconscious for three days and after awakening her state was very critical - she could not walk, could not speak well and her hands were shaking. Doctors who stated that her liver was almost completely damaged, gave her slim chance for living two to three months.

One month has passed since the moment I had called Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski, whom I knew from a TV program, in which he appeared. During our first talk, he made a swift energy diagnosis of my wife whom he had never seen (that is how he described that procedure) and he clearly defined her health problems. He also said that he will immediately start to pass healing energy to her.

At that time, my wife did not believe in those types of treatment. But I persisted and telephoned Mr Wieslaw two to three times a week and he concentrated on his energy transmissions carrying health.

After about a month from the beginning of this procedure, my wife started to feel a bit better and gradually the effects were becoming more clear. The first significant change was leaving the bed and taking up walking. Her optimism grew and the doctors were surprised at the quick health effects. The spread of the illness stopped and I kept on calling Mr Wieslaw.

Three months have passed from our first phone connection - and my wife who was not supposed to be here anymore ceased to have the water collecting in the abdomen. Specialists do not have to be removing it - the abdomen's circumference decreased by 15 inches. My wife is now walking normally, does not have any problems with talking, and tests results are getting better. She says that she feels as five years ago, when she knew nothing about the looming problems. She keeps informing me of the surprise or even astonishment expressed by doctors evaluating her quick return to health. They do not know why this is happening and only her nurse keeps repeating that she is very lucky.

At present, my wife functions normally and she herself is surprised at such quick improvement in her health. She still has some hospital check-ups ahead of her and we are going back home. She also stopped being a staunch unbeliever because she herself experienced the positive impact of the energy Mister Jaroslawski uses and sends so easily at such great distances to help those in need.

We are very grateful to Mister Wieslaw for the amazing help he offered to us without hesitation and I will still keep up the phone contact with our "health support".


Henryk and Mariola K
New York, 19.05.2015