Ailments: Allergy to pollens, periodic loss of speech.

I am allergic to almost everything that flowers. My worst reactions are to pollinating trees and grasses, and from March to September is the worst time of year for me. I am struggling like this since the birth of my daughter, when my body strangely lost equilibrium, and that is for over 20 years.

Another serious problem that developed was that with my voice. It just started to gradually vanish. Usually the process was that I would suddenly stop speaking and after a day or two I would just as suddenly be unblocked. With time the situation became worse and the periods of silence grew longer - for example, in May of last year I was speechless for full two weeks, and this certainly was scary. Finally this year I lost my power of speech completely because one month passed and I could not utter a single word.

Medical treatment consisted of taking a strong antibiotic through a period of over ten days. Unfortunately this did not bring any effect. It was so bad that the doctor prescribed speech therapy. During the exercises the therapist held her hand on my throat and I tried to exude some sounds and form them into words.

My doctor said that there is something wrong with my bronchi because the tests show that my vocal chords and practically the whole throat are okay. Still I could not produce sounds. I was struggling terribly to articulate any sounds. In turn such forceful making of sounds was harmful, according to the specialist, and could additionally damage my throat. He thought that my bronchial tubes do not close properly and this causes the blockade - at least that is how I understood it.

Besides, I am a very talkative and sociable person, but in this state - I cannot get a sound out of me. At that point it was really my brother-in-law who talked me into visiting you, Sir. He had earlier taken advantage of biotherapy because of persistent back and knees pain and with his ailments your energy helped right at the first visit.

And, nomen omen, in my case it happed similarly. The influence of the healing energy on my throat was at lightning just minutes amazing achievement occurred. During this treatment I was to try to speak and minute to minute this was becoming possible. At the beginning I still had a bad hoarseness but I was speaking, and after walking into the waiting room I spoke to my daughter in my own normal voice and this is how it has remained!

The next day, another shock was experienced by my colleagues at work, for whom I could again make time run pleasantly with my garrulity. And I also was able to say very strongly THANK YOU for this amazing and swift return of health. I just wanted to add that I did already have critical moments of breaking down when the prognoses indicated that my communication with the people around me will be done in sign language. And now my voice is strong again and resonant and I can tell everyone about such an effective therapist.

Once again, THANK YOU with all my heart,
Ewa W.
Cheektovaga, USA 2009.07.15