Ailments: Very severe allergy.

(letter written by mother Galina)

My little son, who now is 12, was plagued for seven years with such a severe cough - very suffocating and what's worse constant. At first I thought that this was connected to the flowering of plants because I also reacted with allergy at such periods. But that cough became chronic for Thomas. At first it was still up and down. At that time some polyps were found in my son's sinuses and these were removed surgically. Unfortunately this did not change anything and the boy coughed ever more severely - constantly in fact.

When those polyps weren't it then the allergy story became binding and special tests showed that Thomas is allergic to almost everything. The doctor even went as far as to say that it may be asthma and then began our journeys to various hospitals and Scientific Centers (St. Joseph's Hospital in Burlington and Mac Master Hospital in Hamilton) - where many new tests and X-rays were done, among others those for sweating, for tuberculosis in the lungs, and numerous blood tests. None of these actions demonstrated the causes of this horrible cough.

There were attempts to give him many different pills and inhalations and not the least success was achieved. On the contrary, my son coughed even more deeply and sometimes would be choking.

In this state, in August of 2011, I brought my son to see Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski. The biotherapist, without asking about anything, began to take care of my son, moving his hands in a specific way around his body. He said in short that the boy has strong energy blocks of the respiratory system and this in consequence led to this horrible cough - but he will take care of this without any difficulty.

I listened to this statement a bit like to a good fairy tale and with disbelief - I had behind me many years of bad medical experiences, still somewhere deep there was in me a conviction that it is worth it to try this biotherapy.

I started to come with Thomas once a week and there were eight visits. I was surprised, although the better word would be shocked - already after the second visit there was improvement. I can say that it improved in 90%. I am looking at this number in disbelief and to make it more believable I am writing it in words - ninety percent (!) and this at the very beginning of therapy. The other visits made this effect permanent. Seven years of daily horror were now stopped - my son's cough stopped completely ... and how can I now put into short words all my gratitude.

May the good God protect your unique talents so that you could carry health and joy to the greatest possible numbers of those who need it.

Thank you from the depths of my heart

Galina I. (Thomas' mother)
Burlington, Ontario