Ailments: Thermal allergy.

Dear Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski I apologize that almost a year from our meeting I did not contact you but I wanted to be certain that my ailment, thermal allergy (urticaria hives), will not come back. This illness is demonstrated with a very itching rash and swelling all over the body and even blisters filled with fluid. This ailment started to develop about 20 years ago when I was in Poland. My specialized treatments also started there. Then specialists in Canada took over. I took different medications but these helped for very short periods and they also had side effects.

Let me describe more closely the nature of my ailment. Before each change of the weather there came an attack. I was like a forecaster; when rain was coming, on my skin, especially on my thighs and under the knees, would appear an itchy and searing rash which would turn into blisters filled with fluid. On top of this my body temperature grew to 40 degrees Celsius. I could forecast the coming rain three days in advance. After this time would come the overwhelming attack of the thermal allergy.

These blisters under my knees made it impossible for me to move about and I could only lie in fever like some wreck. It was not possible to work and this added more stress.

I lived in constant fear that any moment could come another attack of these horrible "hives", which entirely eliminated me from normal life and doing necessary everyday chores. A very radical change for the better came after meeting you Sir. I visited your office twice during the past year and the energy therapies which I had definitely ended my horror. A year has passed (!) and no bad symptoms appeared.

Such a quick positive result, closing my suffering of twenty years, still seems to me to be some miracle dream, from which I am wakening up and .... I still am healthy, nothing bothers me, and my disbelief is changing into being sure that this has happened because of the healing energy that you have. I would like to thank you sincerely in this letter even though these simple words cannot illustrate the depth of my gratitude.

Jacek J.
Hamilton, Ont., 18.09.2009