Ailments: Inactive left kidney.

(Letter written by Krzysztof S. - Damian's father)

I would like to direct this letter to the greatest possible number of parents whose children suffer serious illnesses so they would know that there is always hope and a chance for help - in our case the final saving hand was that of Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski. This letter I am writing with full support of my wife Anna.

Our little son Damian, when he was five months caught some kind of infection - he had very high fever (over 40 degrees) so he was shaking. We took him to a hospital where after 2-3 hours of waiting he was taken for diagnosing and after that he was kept in the hospital. In his urinary tract they found bacteria called e-coli. We were told that children at that age are very susceptible to this type of bacteria, which have a tendency to spread in the body and may reach the blood and brain - then the consequences may be tragic.

During the drug therapy, which followed, it was possible to stop the spread of the bacteria. Our son was in the hospital for 10 days and he got an antibiotic that we were to keep on giving him for one year twice a day. However, despite the optimistic prognoses the doctors feared that the bacteria could cause some damage. And that's what happened. It was found that the boy's urine returned to the kidneys and this mean "e-coli" damaged the left kidney. From that moment Damian's kidney stopped growing. Doctors kept saying not to worry because in the end the function of the damaged organ will be taken over by the right one and the child can live like that.

We had to watch our son, his behavior and go for more checkups after about six months. All this time we kept giving Damian the antibiotic, but its side effect was sever eczema. Our son was covered with a red rash on the whole body - it spread literally everywhere: on the face, behind the ears - moreover his skin was scaling and he had enlarged lymph nodes on the neck, legs and arms, and behind his ears lumps had formed.

At that time he was subjected to leukemia tests - because these symptoms were very worrying and indicated such a possibility. But the problem was not in his blood, the kidneys did not work well and more toxins were left in the body poisoning it successfully.

This was definitively confirmed by the routinely planned tests (I am writing routinely because usually a series of checkups is set, every six months). It was confirmed then that the left kidney is not developing, it is not active - the official statement was: ,,the kidney is dead". Such a diagnosis was written in Damian's medical record and it was also marked that the right kidney took over its function. We were not to worry and keep giving him the antibiotic and come for the next checkup in six months.

At such a moment we reached Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski - our child had about six months then. During the first session the biotherapist immediately said that the left kidney is not working but he also said that he will try to repair that. And even if that was a bit too optimistic we were encouraged and hope came into our hearts. We came regularly every week and during the fifth energy therapy session Mister Wieslaw said that he does not feel any energy block in the area of Damian's left kidney and that according to him it already started to work. He recommended that we observe the color of his urine and how often it comes.

At the same time the symptoms of the eczema started to recede, the numerous rashes were disappearing, and the lymph nodes returned to normal sizes. Still we came for three or four more sessions and we informed the biotherapist that in three weeks we have the appointed special tests, including ultrasound test. He only smiled and we again heard that he is certain about his analysis of Damian's state of health and we will be convinced that the kidney which the doctors said was dead is really working.

After the ultrasound test we had the already planned meeting with the urologist, who was the leading specialist and evaluated our son's state of health. We were both, with my wife, present during this checkup. The technician started the ultrasound from that unfortunate left kidney and then we saw on the screen that it clear pulsates. We turned attention to that and asked what that means but the technician directed us to the specialist for evaluation. Still the technician was clearly confounded and prolonged the test but at a certain moment she excused herself and walked out, probably for consultation with the doctor. After returning she only said shortly that the test is okay and we can now go to the urologist.

We went to the indicated office but there we met still another doctor who conducted an additional interview with us on Damian's illness. After the interview ended the doctor left and came back with the urologist who took care of our son at the beginning.

This specialist clearly was embarrassed, sat at the desk, opened the computer and not looking at us started explanations from which it was evident that she does not know what happened, she is not able to explain, that sometimes after injury of unknown cause, a kidney described as dead undertakes functioning - and this is so in the case of Damian, his left kidney is active again and is relieving the right one. Its viability is confirmed by the fact that it started to grow because at the time when she, a specialist, found it to be dead it had measured 3.6 cm and now it already has 3.9 cm. It is difficult for her to describe in what percentage the functionality has returned because in order to make that more precise she would have to put Damian to sleep and conduct invasive tests, so it is better to wait until the child will be older. On the basis of her experience she can only guess that about 10 to 30 percent of the kidney is working already. And she suggests that the next test should be done after at least one year.

We left the office so enlivened and joyous that we almost collided with a wall that suddenly "grew" in our path.

Now we carefully observe our son - the child is like reborn. He is very lively, bursting with energy, drinks a lot, urinates normally, all traces of the allergy disappeared, his resistance increased greatly - we now have a happy and healthy child - and we are overjoyed.

We are convinced - as Parents who everyday observed changes for the better taking place in Damian's body - that all this is due to the energy therapy conducted by Mister Wieslaw Jaroslawski. Gratitude is hard to put into words - but after coming out from those hospital consultations I had called Mister Wieslaw and I hope that he felt what my wife and I wanted to tell him in our probably confusing but joyful tale.

May the good God have you in his care and your healing talents thanks to which you can give help and health to the unfortunate searching their chance for rescue and healing.

With expression of gratitude and respect,

Krzysztof and Anna S.
(parents of Damianek, who is now 2 years and three months)
London, Ontario, 17.11.2011