Ailments: Far advanced endometriosis - enlarged uterus, cysts, abnormal tissue growths and very profuse period bleeding caused by them, combined with sharp pain

I am writing this letter from a time perspective, which has assured me that energy treatment granted to me several years ago by Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski had permanent health results.

It was in autumn of 2007. I was 42 years old when plagued by my very bloody and painful periods I went for help to a doctor. The gynecologist said that I have an enlarged uterus and referred me for USG, which showed existence of abnormal tissue growth in my reproductive organs and several cysts - quite large; these were over 3-centimeters in diameter.

The next stage, which was to confirm this diagnosis, was a specialized test done in a hospital under narcosis. A speculum with a camera was used in a single-point entrance into my lower abdomen and right away it was decided to remove my two largest cysts but several smaller ones were left.

Afterwards, came another meeting with the doctor-in-charge who said that the endometriosis that I suffer from seems to be triggered during period bleeding so these have to be blocked somehow. So I got a strong drug called Lupron that causes symptoms of menopause and later I was to receive regularly contraceptive pills, and so for 3-4 months, in order to stop the bleeding.

The idea was that after this time the procedure would be suspended for a while and after the successive cycle there would be a return to contraceptive blockade. And this was to go on until the normal time of the menopause.

During this draconian treatment I heard of Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski and his capabilities of healing from many serious illnesses, Opinions were so good that I immediately made an appointment. I was desperately looking for alternative solution in order to run away from taking hormones till the end of my life.

I started energy sessions in January of 2008. It was then that I had two therapy sessions, day after day - later successive single ones: in February and in March.

In April I went for more medical tests. Oh - I must underline that after the first visit with Mr. Jaroslawski I put aside, at my own will, the drugs and I felt quite well afterwards.

My doctor, after detailed gynecological check-up, was surprised and said that everything is back to normal and I won't need any more diagnostic check-ups.

Now, as years pass, I still feel well - it's still super!
Thank you from all my heart...
Aleksandra U. (Windsor, 21.05.2013)